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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 10 Recap

Was really pleased to wake up, and told Xi Bin relating to this particular goddess. Xi Bin was stressed that the cost would be 8,000 yuan, therefore he needed to shop around and find one.

Shen Xiaoyan arrived at the kindergarten and requested Teacher Zhang’s opinion. She had been stressed that Li Feifei was being bullied by other people since she had been honestly bullied. I am hoping that Teacher Zhang will disturb. Teacher Zhang advised Shen Xiaoyan to not fret too much. It was fun among kids.

Xi Bin followed Xi Wang into the trial course, let him hear this course , and wait for him out. Following Xi Bin went outside, he asked the instructor of this institution if his son would enroll. The instructor discovered that Xi Wang was in the kindergarten class and requested him to go home and await news.

Xi Bin understood that Su Xing had always wished to locate an aunt, so he could save yourself difficulty in bringing the kids, along with his colleagues volunteered to remind him to read the statement in the bunch. Xi Bin found the company required workers to willingly cut wages as a result of operational problems. Xi Bin did not know, believing that the organization’s salary cut below the banner of beating the issues is unreasonable.

Xi Wang explained that Li Feihua educated him. Su Wang was amazed when he watched Li Feihua’s handwriting. He believed that such a little child could write so well. Xi Wang expects to awaken and choose Li Feifei to supper, along with the four of these come to consume the food stalls.

Concerning the soft outfit layout of the Maternal and Child Club, he expected that Su Xing might take part. Wake up does not care, does not wish to take any personal work, if there’s some thing for Boss Mo to speak to himself.

Shen Zihao returned into the business and closely appreciated his rotational power. Boss Mo asked both to collaborate sincerely. Shen Zihao thanked Su Xing for the present she picked, since Gu Jiawei enjoyed it very far and hauled Gu Jiawei’s admiration to Su Xing.
Zi Ning returned home and noticed that Jiang Bo was instructing Siyuan, Zi Ning was somewhat mad, believing he Jinghua’s method of schooling was incorrect. He Jinghua requested Zi Ning to take Siyuan out for a single day.

Lin Yunyun also watched that this aunt on her cell phone and wished to call her over to treat New Moon. She told Gu Jiawei to find they left a tasty meal and delivered to his own business.
The kindergarten teacher instructed the kids to dance, and Siyuan immediately struck Li Feifei’s face with his hands, and Li Feifei needed a nosebleed. Jiang Bo immediately took his assassin and demonstrated his ability to produce magic, simply to create Li Feifei happy. Jiang Bo gave Siyuan the lipstick and requested him to coax Li Feifean, along with the 2 kids shook hands and left peace.
Su Xing said her aunt , and Shen Xiaoyan recalled there was an aunt who had been really acceptable for her. I’m Very excited when I wake up, and today I Wish to Satisfy my uncle,

Xi Bin instructs Xiwang to ride a bike, and Xi Wang reported that he didn’t wish to visit an educational establishment. Xi Bin advised him to move there, so he can wake up happy. He did not anticipate that Xiwang hit on a pillar whilst riding a bicycle. Wake up and go home, and watch Xi Bin and Xi Wang are enjoying the part of a pirate captain, and Xi Wang remains hurt. He needed to vent his feelings when he woke up, believing that he was just like no husband, Xi Bin always pitched about with ridicule. Xi Bin was very angry and could not help but wake up with a roar, and both were nearly going to quarrel.

Shen Zihao introduced into Gu Jiawei that the Last decoration and design Produced by Jingce. Gu Jiawei reported he liked the style of stirring. He wished to surprise stirring, but he didn’t provide a opportunity to wake up. Gu Jiawei wished to present Shen Zihao to personal life, however, he believed that it had been difficult to deal with waking up, therefore he needed to handle this matter at a low-key method. Shen Zihao reported that it had been left .

Su Xing attracted Xi Wang to kindergarten and advised him to not allow other kids touch their eyes that were wounded. Xi Bin reported he can look after his sisters, and he could also do housework in the home.
He Jinghua discovered that the drawer was started. Luckily, she did not drop anything.

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