Good Every Day (2021) 明天我们好好过 Cast And Full Story


Good Every Day (2021)
Other Title: 明天我们好好过, Too Good to be Married, Unmarried Queen, Bu Hun Nü Wang, Bu Hun Nu Wang, Ming Tian Wo Men Hao Hao Guo, 不婚女王 , 明天我們好好過

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 42
Country: China
Director: Lin Yan
Network: CCTV, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Release Date: Mar 31, 2021 – Apr 20, 2021
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  • Tong Li Ya as He Da Ye
  • Sean Zhang as Zhang Meng
  • Kid Young as Luo Chang
  • Xu Fang Yi as Liu Dan
  • Anson Shi as Zhang Yang Yang
  • Kenneth Zhu as Huang Da Fang


Based on the book of the exact same title by Free Aurora, the play tells the story of this marriage planner He’s Daye who no longer believes in love due to his ex-boyfriend escaped by union. After fulfilling male version Zhang Meng, he opens and regains love. He Daye, an independent and competent female white-collar employee, was tagged as a”older remaining girl”.

Though they had regrets about each other, they got nearer. Afterwards, Daye and Zhang Meng didn’t understand each other. Although Zhang Meng struck bottlenecks in his life and livelihood, he had a duty and a feeling of security. He Daye, that sensed love, loved and fought. In the long run, with Zhang Meng’s love and understanding, Daye took off his defender and peacefully confronted this atmosphere, and both came together.

He also Da Ye has consistently concentrated more on her profession as opposed to her love life, and has, consequently, been noticed by her peers as a classic leftover-woman. Both of these cared and helped out each other, but never attempted to get nearer than that. In other words, until the mad version Zhang Meng came to Da Ye’s life with his own issues with his livelihood undergoing a stagnation.

She chooses to pursue career success, presuming that it’s more reliable for girls to rely on themselves compared to rely on union and guys. In reality, He Daye and pilot boy Luo Chang walked throughout the wedding red rug three decades back. Unexpectedly, Luo Chang abruptly took Daye to escape the marriage. Later, Luo Chang confessed he wasn’t prepared to get married and assume accountability. Daye forgave himand both broke up .


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