Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 9 Recap


Xiao Ling refused initially, but ultimately was helpless.
When his buddy Army was going to get married, Luo Chang urged He Daye into them. In the end, if the hardware is great, the program won’t be too awful. However, the studio was in a cluttered decoration country. In desperation, Liu Dan softly asked Shi Tao for assistance and made a consultation with clients. Gently confuse the move.

He also Daye knew what Xiaoling desired was only an apology and an explanation, like her back then. So she tried her best to discover the military, and the military didn’t do well following escaped union. Misfortune didn’t come separately. When He Daye was overrun by a lot of awful things, He Ma phoned again, and Daye ordered a blind date.

He Daye, that arrived from the organization in frustration, discovered that Zhang Meng was waiting in precisely the exact same location. Zhang Meng stated this place wasn’t easy to take a cab, so after waiting, a hot current jumped in He Daye’s heart. From the Yasha business, after He Daye abandoned, Yasha took out the movie and played it hundreds of occasions to frighten everybody. After considering it, Shi Tao sneaked to the Yacha workplace and deleted the movie. , And provided to resign and visit He Daye’s business.

On the other hand, the news he Daye had a boy naturally propagate to He Ma’s ears. He Ma, who had been scared he Daye and Luo Chang could be hurt , resolutely came into Beijing.
The military’s predecessor came to catch the union, along with the military, who had shown a feeling of fatigue prior to the marriage, took the hands of his predecessor and escaped by the union. This scene dropped He Daye to the painful memories of yesteryear. The bridegroom went with no hint, along with the bride had been helpless, and the last payment of He Daye’s wedding has been gone. If she could not locate the military, she could just find Xiaoling. The haggard Xiaoling explained that she could cover the balance, so long as she satisfied with the military.

this way, with the support of Zhang Meng, He Daye chose the initial order because the firm started. But this thing isn’t so easy. Yasha assessed the movie, and also the fact he Daye sneaked to the business was revealed.

He Daye cried in the beginning, but could not think of a better strategy and gave in. But, nobody understood their sneaking to the company was made apparent by the surveillance video which Yasha had simply installed. In the doorway, Zhang Meng chatted with all the smoking military. He inadvertently learned that the military had a complicated of”Shu Ke and Beta”, and found he Daye and Xiaoling’s dialog had been in trouble. Seeing that Xiaoling was going to call the military to depart, Zhang Meng covertly sent a text message He Daye, showing the notion of this animation theme. He Daye was initially unwilling, but she wanted to remain as a guest also much

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