Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 8 Recap


Zhang Meng told Daye concerning his divorce and his own attempts in the modeling business within the previous ten decades. He Daye could not bear it didn’t wish to push Zhang Meng away. From the arrangement, He also Daye included a couple of things to Zhang Meng and requested Zhang Meng to assist her with just a tiny bit of decoration price.

She is able to continue to work with the home to Zhang Meng, and that she just needs the best to utilize the home during the day. Zhang Meng hadn’t any place to go, so that he could just concur to He Daye’s petition and sign the contract.

He also Daye was worried to discover a client, along with also the car was supporting Zhang Meng, however, Zhang Meng’s automobile abruptly ran out of petrol and ceased, so that she might just brake to prevent Zhang Meng’s automobile.

The organization didn’t renew the contract together with Zhang Meng. Jiajia strove very difficult to assist Zhang Meng however, it was futile. She could just locate Zhang Meng and inform Zhang Meng the reality. He did not need to embarrass Jiajia, therefore that he could just aim to depart the modeling ring. As soon as I went to fulfill Jiajia,” Zhang Meng gathered each of the awards he’d won as a version, and obtained in a fantastic mood to fulfill Jiajia and sign up a contract arrangement.
Following He Daye resolved the plucking injury, he angrily contended with Zhang Meng, cursing Zhang Meng always, as well as degrading Zhang Meng’s profession. Zhang Meng can take being insulted He Daye, however his career doesn’t permit He Daye to mistreat, so that he could not help but quarrel with He Daye. He Daye maintained she didn’t entice clients because her firm didn’t have an adequate studio, therefore Zhang Meng consented he Daye to proceed.

Following Luo Chang entered the toilet, he came outside sober. Knowing he had been playing with a hooligan here, ” he smashed his head about the washbasin and arrived out. Following Luo Chang went downstairs, then she drove all Luo Chang’s down things, cursing which Luo Chang was strange, and she phoned the police the next time she arrived. .

He also Daye went to observe the client, but she didn’t expect to await quite a while but didn’t await the client. She needed to phone and search for the client, but she hurried into Zhang Meng at the elevator. After He Daye fulfilled Zhang Meng, she was refused from the customer. She felt she had been unfortunate after she fulfilled Zhang Meng, however Zhang Meng still liberally wished to give Daye a trip, but she did not anticipate He Daye to push the vehicle . .

He also Daye put the marketing of the shop and waited for clients to call to discuss cooperation. But she didn’t expect to watch around for a client all morning, that left her very nervous. At this moment, the client called, so that she gave her car He Daye and requested He Daye to speak to the client.

Zhang Meng told Daye when he had been jobless todayhe had been in a lousy mood and he had a lousy attitude towards He Daye and requested He Daye him to forgive him. Zhang Meng understood he Daye wasn’t simple. He did not need to embarrass He Daye, so that he consented to proceed. Shu Ying did not understand what was happening with Zhang Meng, therefore she could just request Zhang Yangyang.
Just then didn’t understand that somebody had arrived at the home to advocate Zhang Meng to proceed, and she could not help but fret about Zhang Meng.

Zhang Meng created a consultation Daye, then sent Zhang Yangyang into Shu Ying, needing to ship Zhang Yangyang there for a time period, so he could get somewhere to move. Following Zhang Meng consented he Daye entered into an arrangement that the deal was invalid and moved into Zhang Meng to signal. Zhang Meng created a couple of dishes and wished to get a dinner He Daye, also consenting to He Daye because of his mindset now.

So as to fight against Liu Dan,” Luo Chang squeezed all-purpose paste into Liu Dan’s door lock, however following the episode had been finished, he feared Liu Dan wouldn’t have the capacity to join the home, and he was no motive to retaliate against Liu Dan in this manner, so that he intentionally detected a master unlocker and secured the door.


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