Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 7 Recap


He did not anticipate He Daye to be there nonetheless squatting. He actually could not tolerate that, so that he gave Daye a jar of water along with a seat. Zhang Meng did not wish to invest such as this with He Daye, therefore that he could just interfere with He’s Daye, which demonstrates he has done nothing today and does not have any home. He can not allow Zhang Yangyang accompany him on the road, so there’s actually no way to maneuver away.

After entering the doorway, Zhang Yangyang asked he Daye was. Zhang Meng did not know how to describe, and may only say it was a homeless aunt, that left Zhang Yangyang a small perceptible to He Daye. Zhang Yangyang did not wish to await the meals to be chilly, so he set down his chopsticks and delivered the food He Daye first.

Liu Dan found that Luo Chang was in a daze, and he knew he was considering his ex-wife, since Luo Chang was considering it because he did not answer the telephone call now. She believed that the telephone call has to be associated with Luo Chang’s ex-wife.

He could just invite He Daye in the home and give He Daye the cooking. He did not desire He Daye to become hungry and suspended. He Daye believed that Zhang Meng was suitable. He must fight Zhang Meng when he had been complete and complete, until he entered Zhang Meng’s home and waited patiently Zhang Meng to earn food. While Zhang Meng was cooking, He Daye dropped asleep with fatigue, therefore Zhang Meng needed to locate a pillow for He Daye so he Daye could sleep comfortably.

He Daye was considerate not to need to have the food delivered by Zhang Yangyang, but she was very thirsty, so she would just force herself to drink additional water to create her stomach complete. Liu Dan inadvertently said something just like he Daye said, that made him think he Daye. He also Daye pretended to be powerful. He needed a skewers meal together with Luo Chang and stated the very same items Liu Dan just mentioned.

He Daye was ashamed to burst Zhang Meng off, therefore he could just collaborate with Zhang Meng, falsely asserting that she had been seeing Zhang Meng and his son, so Zhang Yangyang shouldn’t be bothered. He Daye found that Zhang Yangyang’s button had dropped, so he aided Zhang Yangyang sew it with a thread and needle. Zhang Yangyang voiced his liking to He Daye and requested He Daye to return to his home to play with him if he had been liberated.

So as to be mad with He Daye, Luo Chang went straight into Liu Dan’s home with all the wine. He wished to spend the night in Liu Dan’s home, but Liu Dan recognized that Luo Chang had been having difficulty with his ex-wife, also came back for her for drunk mad. Luo Chang was pushed to the restroom by Liu Dan, also collaborated with Liu Dan, asserting he needed to wash him completely and reveal Liu Dan to watch him, and Liu Dan ready a man and waited to mend Luo Chang.

He Daye denied to consume Zhang Meng’s food. Zhang Yangyang promptly asked He Daye when he had been losing weight. This left He Daye nervous if he noticed it, believing she seemed scared. Zhang Yangyang told Daye he Daye wasn’t fat in any way, but such as his mom, he constantly clamored to get rid of weight. He Daye heard Zhang Yangyang discuss his mum, so he inquired concerning Zhang Yangyang’s mother.

Following He Daye abandoned, Zhang Meng discovered that Zhang Yangyang did not pack his bag, but only whined to He Daye using the bag, so that he blamed Zhang Yangyang for too much focus. He Daye returned home, he watched Luo Chang in the home, so that he blamed Luo Chang for fixing her home for a resort rather than allowing Luo Chang come to her home casually. After registering a yearlong contract, he also billed one year’s lease.

Luo Chang desired to discover an intermediary to repay the accounts. Only then did he understand that the intermediary had run off, so he inquired He Daye he wished to return the home, but he did not anticipate He Daye to take the home back to begin a business, which left him disagree. Luo Chang persuaded He Daye to not begin a business, so he began a concept with He Daye, but he did not anticipate he Daye was more precise than himso he could just disagree. He Daye goes to bed when he stopped speaking, and did not care whatsoever Luo Chang gave her a present. Luo Chang was mad for some time and whined He Daye You Xinhuan for denying his previous love, and made a telephone, suggesting that he’d also visit Xinhuan’s place. live.

Following Luo Chang delivered Liu Dan house, he went to watch Daye uneasy. He did not anticipate he Daye wasn’t in the home, so that he could just wait He Daye there. Early the next morning,” Liu Dan known as He Daye to inquire about He Daye’s situation. Zhang Meng saw he Daye hadn’t been alert, so that he awakened the voice of this telephone and awakened He Daye. Liu Dan understood He Daye’s scenario, so that he persuaded He Daye to not invest like this with Zhang Meng, also requested He Daye to seek out clients to earn money first.

He also Daye heard Liu Dan’s words planned to depart , but he explained to Zhang Meng she wouldn’t give up for the, and Zhang Meng still needed to proceed. Zhang Yangyang understood he Daye had begun to burst them away, so that he moved back into the area and took the bag out, asserting to proceed with Zhang Meng. This left He Daye listen. Very distressed.


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