Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 6 Recap


Zhang Meng refused to maneuver, so He Daye desired to remain at home, therefore Zhang Meng utilized the alarm to frighten Daye, which compelled He Daye to hesitate in the door.

Zhang Meng secured the door to pickup Zhang Yangyang no matter He Daye, but did not need to confront Daye, therefore after coming backhe always wished to shoot Zhang Yangyang to a different location, however Zhang Yangyang refused to concur. He could just honestly admit there was something in the door of the home. He could just listen and inquire. When He Daye watched Zhang Yangyang, he requested Zhang Yangyang to inform her sister to not phone her aunt.

Following Luo Chang had completed the telephone call with He Daye, he phoned Liu Dan and requested Liu Dan to pay a visit to the first shop. Liu Dan requested to go home and change his clothing, inquiring Luo Chang to wait around for her. After Luo Chang awakened, he delivered Liu Dan back to change his garments. After waiting for quite a long time, he eventually went outside with Liu Dan and moved into the first shop.

He also Daye went into the intermediary to ask about it. She did not anticipate the intermediary to be shut. She wished to telephone Luo Chang since the individual who did the issue was Luo Chang, but Luo Chang did not answer the telephone, which left her helpless. Can return to talk with Zhang Meng. Luo Chang consented to Liu Dan to stop by the first store. He did not wish to miss this appointment, nor did he need to keep pestering He Daye to make her feel uneasy, so he chose to not answer the telephone and not return. He Daye desired to reunite Zhang Meng’s lease for a single year, and has been prepared to compensate for the following four weeks’ rent. He asked Zhang Meng to go out, but Zhang Meng could not utilize the present rent after moving off. Such a fantastic home, therefore I insisted to not proceed.

He didn’t depart and go home before the team member came to provide an apology to him. After hearing Jiajia’s words, Shi Tao desired to assist He Daye locate a fantastic shop to support Daye’s launching of a shop, so he hurried home to cook for Shi’s mom, also wished to lease out the stores they did not rent out He Daye in a minimal price.

Mother Shi was really pleased to see Shi Tao cooking her for the very first time, so she instantly realized that Shi Tao needed something to request, so she requested Shi Tao exactly what she wished to do while eating. Shi Tao talked about leasing a store.
He Daye chooses garments in the home and would like to take her home back as a studio so she does not need to lease a store, so she wishes to obtain the right dress to fulfill with the tenant. He Daye was picking clothes while talking with Liu Dan about opening a shop. At this moment, Luo Chang purchased a puppy courier and gave him Daye. He Daye understood that Luo Chang purchased it, so that he called Luo Chang. Request clearly on the telephone.

When Luo Chang visited with the first shop, he noticed a large red coat he Daye wanted to purchase for your wedding but did not purchase that, so he wished to purchase it and give him Daye. Whoever owns the reddish coat found that Luo Chang was especially fond of himand provided Luo Chang a cost of two million. Liu Dan was quite knowledgeable about the stores in this field. She immediately bargained for six hundred, and the manager could take Luo Chang off if she did not agree. Luo Chang purchased the dress.

Following He Daye was prepared, when he had been going to visit his home to make a deal with the renter, he fulfilled Zhang Meng in the doorway of the home and shipped Jiajia out. Hearing they were speaking about cash, he wrongly thought that Zhang Meng actually depended on girls for meals. Much more adverse. Along with this feast with Zhang Meng earlier, speaking to Zhang Meng was especially impolite. She did not understand her leasing contract was Zhang Meng till she took the contract out to return the home. They’re all cheated from the intermediary.

She believed he Daye’s ex-husband was sending items to He Daye. . He also Daye told Liu Dan it was not possible for them to remarry, which left Liu Dan really incomprehensible, since she understood the divorced Luo Chang and overlooked her ex-wife. She believed he Daye’s ex-husband could also be exactly the same.

He had been ashamed to take the cash Jiajia requested , but he was very tight, so that he needed to accept it . Jiajia was fearful that Zhang Meng was too fair and did not ask the man or woman who vomited the lawsuit to have the cash back, so she requested Zhang Meng especially, only then didn’t understand that another party had dropped a brand new person, and she was relieved to depart.


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