Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 4 Recap


Although he’s been intimate with He’s Daye for many decades, Luo Chang still can not know He Daye’s character, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and at times strangely shut the door and closed him out.

Additionally, he made mistakes initially, so from the times that followed, both people’s method of getting together with each other was quite odd, 1 caring. One carefully.
As Zhang Yangyang felt dropped, Shu Ying and her brand new husband Wang Haitao arrived at the doorway and requested Wang Haitao to choose Zhang Yangyang to purchase ice cream, and she returned the cash to Zhang Meng. But, Zhang Meng expired to save face, and Shu Ying understood his life wasn’t easy today, so she just handed over the cash for her son.

Maybe this job isn’t anything to Luo Chang, however it’s all him. A 32-year-old divorced girl, except for rent Other than living a fantastic life, he has no regrets about men in any way.

It had been comparatively new in the beginning, but after a very long time, Luo Chang was somewhat overwhelmed. Along with grinning hippies in front of everybody throughout the afternoon, he’d feel lonely at nighttime. He did not anticipate he was totally carried at the hands of a girl now. That night the girl took Luo Chang to He Daye’s home and formally staged a Shura area.

Because he Daye’s resignation,” Liu Dan intentionally came late and left early. When he reached the business , he happened to listen to coworkers backing Lin Weina’s brand new employee code, therefore that he questioned her on the place and also insinuated her dictatorship. Lin Weina was disappointed with Liu Dan’s mindset and wished to make use of salaries and expulsion as dangers. She did not anticipate Liu Dan to care in any way. Rather, she followed Daye and took up lipstick and composed her resignation at work window.

After departing the business construction, Liu Dan chose Luo Chang to supper. After speaking about his resignation, he spoke about his personal life. Understanding that Luo Chang is a divorced individual, Liu Dan, so as to have the ability to convey his own difference, place out He Daye’s frequently used concepts to flaunt. Because of this, he played , sparking Luo Chang to a rage, and the invoice wasn’t settled.
Following the previous marriage, He Daye split the cash he left one of Liu Dan and Shi Tao, also maintained a little portion of himself. Considering he Daye has no work today, and neither of these is prepared to take it, however he Daye has made a reply and saw a justification for them to take the cash.

Luo Chang believed he Daye had resumed a connection and utilized various intense strategies to express his own jealousy. Seeing Luo Chang becoming increasingly innocent,” He Daye could not help but burst in anger. Luo Chang realized he was too far, so he immediately apologized for her and even said he would increase He Daye for the remainder of his life.
Jiajia created a wager with her friends and intentionally approached Shi Tao and shot a photograph of him . After all, Jiajia belonged to a person who came , and she just tested for Shi Tao which the primary motive He Daye did not take him was his era. Shi Tao instantly sparked hope for this reason Daye really liked him.

So as to allow Shi Tao incorporate into He Daye’s lifetime, Jiajia chose to invest money to transform him into a mature manner of clothes. Due to this activity, Shi Tao left angrily, believing that Jiajia had shot him up as a tiny white face, until Jiajia clarified the reason, then clearly accepted the garments.

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