Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 2 Recap


Shu Ying delivered the equilibrium payment to He Daye’s accounts, and especially called her to notify her. Shu Ying wrongly thought she had been curious in Zhang Meng, therefore she wished to make the game, therefore He Daye was ashamed to inquire, so she might just stop trying.

Luckily, Zhang Meng dodged in time and was able to prevent the attack of this lamp. Seeing Zhang Meng take a room card which matches the home number, He Daye could not help but remember the spectacle of being drunk , and abruptly realized. Rather, Zhang Meng contested He Daye’s individuality, then quarreled with her. He Daye understood he was incorrect, particularly Zhang Meng was vomited earlier, therefore he left another party’s telephone number and returned the lawsuit cash later.
He Daye refused to take Liu Dan’s opinions, so mad that she turned into a cab and drove off. Liu Dan was abandoned in the doorway of the resort He Daye. As she had been concerned about how to come back to the town, she happened to visit Luo Chang, therefore without thinking, she got to the vehicle and requested him to take her along.

Initially, Luo Chang hadn’t any plans to take anybody, and could not tolerate Liu Dan’s soft and tough foaming. Her presence was just like a pistachio, which makes her belly laugh. Liu Dan discussed the abilities of the way to purchase fake big-name clothes.

When Jiajia watched Zhang Meng filthy the leased expensive lawsuit, she understood he couldn’t pay the reimbursement at the moment, so she wished to cover for him . But, Zhang Meng did not need to bother others. Jiajia did not need to induce her. At the moment, He Daye watched Zhang Meng and Jiajia about the way home, however the cab thought concerning the emergency brake, therefore she handed Zhang Meng and could not see clearly.

Zhang Meng discovered that his son had been battling Wang Xiaoming, so that he took him off and told him. It wasn’t till the other kids came forward to explain he understood he was blaming the kid. It was just because Zhang Yangyang had no mom because he was a young child, Zhang Meng felt quite guilty, and in precisely the exact same timehe didn’t understand how to tell him that the information of Shu Ying’s remarriage. He didn’t anticipate Zhang Yangyang to be somewhat receptive.

While answering the telephone, he walked to the restroom without detecting the bedside. She could not comprehend why a strange man looked in her area, so that he waited in the doorway with a lamp before Zhang Meng appeared.
He Daye did not desire Luo Chang to watch her depression, so that he pretended to react readily. He did not anticipate Luo Chang to locate Zhang Meng’s socks inside the room. His feelings broke out at an instant. Both had a major battle and were miserable. And sprinkled.

Although Luo Chang did not recognize people every single time following Luo Chang teased themthe women appeared to lose their heads, and they rushed ahead, and much more so they’d keep tabs on Luo Chang’s flight period and block him to discuss marriage. But, it’s still the play of an infatuated woman and a buff. Luo Chang is similar to his livelihood. He regularly flies in the skies. He’s used to being brief and difficult to reside on the floor.

After eventually eliminating the Cancer girl who entangled himLuo Chang promptly drove into the wedding hotel to find He Daye. It is not he Daye desires to turn back his head, it is all because Luo Chang did not wish to get divorced, so that he kept in contact all the time. In these 3 decades, He and he Daye took care of each other and encouraged each other. Rather, they were like relatives.

You will find so called philatelic explanations, but he’s quite different. He’s only sullied.
After leaving the space, He Daye was mad and rushed directly facing Liu Dan, asking her about what happened last night and on the accident in that she had been in bed together with Zhang Meng. Liu Dan considers he Daye needs guys, particularly a handsome and wealthy guy. Zhang Meng’s look only means he is doomed and organized by providence.


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