Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 10 Recap


The failed He Daye understood that perhaps Luo Chang was going to be missing this time.

During this moment, Shu Ying discovered a breast lump during the physical exam. Shu Ying was terrified that her life could be too soon, so that she moved to Zhang Meng first, however, discovered he Daye had been pregnant. Shu Ying whined that Zhang Meng needed this kid, since if she actually had Zhang Yangyang has to be cared for by Zhang Meng. Zhang Meng’s present financial situation isn’t good and it’s even not possible to take good care of two kids.

Zhang Meng failed at the very first conflict at the shopping channel, but went viral on line by injury. He Daye, who discovered the news, hurried to the scene together with Zhang Meng, also now Liu Dan also hurried to the scene and introduced his new boyfriend Luo Chang. He Daye faked to shake hands with Luo Chang peacefully, but in this time his stomach tightened and that he vomited again.

While He Daye fought with all the bride Fang Min’s weddingHe Daye confessed for the first time to Zhang Meng the kid was really his, but he was currently in a period of climbing career and didn’t mean to get this kid. Following Zhang Meng’s sincere persuasion and deliberate pursuit,” He Daye slowly shifted his mind.
Zhang Meng, who’d fulfilled Luo Chang as ancient as leasing a home, immediately realized the association between Luo Chang and He Daye, also took He Daye from the title of visiting the hospital. At the clinic, the physician told Daye she had been pregnant. And Luo Chang, that cares about all, only said”congratulations” for her indifferently, that made him Daye feel much more harm.

Since he didn’t take decent care of Zhang Yangyang, Zhang Meng was frustrated and gave himself up. To be able to assist Zhang Meng, He Daye assisted Zhang Meng get the advertising. Just if he arrived at the scene, he found that it was be a healthcare product advertising. Zhang Meng also told Daye that in actuality he had looked for Jiajia and could visit the shopping mall for a version.

Zhang Meng was at a problem, considering it and going to become truthful with He Daye, stating that if she actually wished to ruin the kid, she could take action. He Daye was really desperate about that, believing that Zhang Meng was a dependable guy, but ultimately he was utterly disappointed.

Since Shu Ying wasn’t totally free, Zhang Meng requested He Daye to visit the school parent-child assembly with Zhang Yangyang. The 3 individuals cooperate with one another tacitly, exactly like a household . All this had been observed by Shu Ying, who had briefly changed her head and came into the spectacle. Consequently, Shu Ying strengthened her belief into accepting Zhang Yangyang overseas.
At precisely the exact same time, Zhang Yangyang, that did not need to go overseas with Shu Ying, intentionally crushed his British test.

Shu Ying attracted Zhang Yangyang into the doorway and Zhang Meng officially asked Zhang Yangyang to shoot away, however he Daye advised Shu Ying that Zhang Yangyang had no English. The main reason behind the evaluation and Zhang Yangyang and Zhang Meng would be the men and women who rely on each other.


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