Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 1 Recap


When Shu Ying watched Zhang Meng being stuffed with alcohol, she understood he wasn’t drinking nicely, therefore He Daye just asked He Daye to resolve it. After a time, all of the hens all drank, however he Daye could nevertheless have a couple more rounds of bloodstream. spell.

But they did not understand that Zhang Meng appeared to be unruly, but in fact he had been loyal and dependable. He broke into the design circle together with his excellent look, walked through Milan Fashion Week, supported famous brands of all dimensions, and was really lovely. It is a shame that the modeling business eats youth. Additionally, Zhang Mengbai dropped in his union and dedicated his great time to his loved ones.

As an independent girl in the new age, He Daye includes a comparatively decent career. She changed to a wedding business for a planner. Not only did she gain a standing, she often took on personal work. Whenever He Daye watched her send a few couples on the red carpet and stood pretentiously at the front of this emcee crying, her heart will always be full of joy and gratification.

While he can not observe another person’s look, he looks like a puppy skin plaster. He Daye’s fantasies. When he opens his eyeshe sees the major face of his buddy Shi Tao.
He Daye was born in a fall day with tumultuous clouds, as the trees and blossoms grow , representing the life span of hard labour in hardship. In reality, he struck a scum guy who had unpleasant views and was somewhat disappointed at the union.

Jiajia is a feminine version attracted by Zhang Meng in 1 hand. As a result of this kindness, she’s currently his agent. She’s rewarded and kind, and there’ll be noble folks to assist her in the conclusion of her lifetime. Contemplating Shu Ying’s remarriage, Jiajia gave the secret to the sport vehicle to Zhang Meng so he wouldn’t eliminate face before his ex-wife.

Within her long-established worldview, metropolitan ladies run too quickly and guys are spoiled. The conventional benefits they embody are no more shining. He Daye can earn cash and support her loved ones. Aside from her failure to conceive a new life within her almost 30 decades of childhood, the fundamental needs for guys are totally dispensable.
Ex-Fro Chang called and ready gifts for the anniversary at the jewelry shop as normal. Others commemorated their union, and he had been the only one that had been different. Following three decades of divorce, He Daye obtained a great deal of anniversary presents, regardless of how good or poor, each present could make her laugh or shout.

After he awakened, his spouse Shu Ying had left to pursue joy, leaving his son Zhang Yangyang because the driving force for him to live challenging. Since he had not set foot at the catwalks for quite a while, Zhang Meng’s profession gradually dropped to a very low ebb. Seeing the newcomer Liu Yang take his position, if he stated that it wasn’t bitter, it might be a tiny bit sad.

Though the female boss resembles some Yasha, it does not interfere with the center of He Daye’s older matchmaker. The ideal buddy Liu Dan is captured between the two at a dilemma, which is, she does not understand how to take care of the boss about personal function, but she can not. At the moment there’s a wedding which He Daye organizes and supervises the entire procedure. Even though the guy and the bridegroom are wealthy, he’s just wealthy.

The individuality of this ex-husband A is unknown, and also the identity of this ex-husband B is a puzzle. Both appear to have a tacit understanding and didn’t seem from beginning to finish. Just ex-husband Zhang Meng has been the highlight of this audience. He’s a sea king drifting among girls.

Zhang Meng recovered a small sober, vaguely remembering the girl facing himand just listened with her, irrespective of how much stern talk was blended in. Seeing Zhang Meng attempting to educate herself to walk the version, particularly standing facing him waving his hands, He Daye was slowly stunned. He could not help but think about Luo Chang, who frequently appeared in his fantasies. Three decades back.

The bridegroom Wang Haitao understood Zhang Meng’s individuality, and was a bit uneasy. He did not anticipate that a number of his friends would fight injustice and opted to give Zhang Meng a crush.

In the long run, He Daye was shot back into the hotel area by Liu Dan. As Liu Dan went outside to cover the decoration employees, Zhang Meng abruptly walked to the space in a daze, without noticing that there were other people on the mattress, and moved directly into the area. Quilt.

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