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Game of Love update Thursday 11th March 2021 Star life



Game of Love 11 March 2021 update: Shivaye states that I stand where you will find large things. He gets ahead. He retains the idol and states I’m Majnu singh Awara. FB reveals Shivaye saying I’m secure only in Oberoi mansion, so I can not move this way. He chooses a disguised appearance. Tej states that is a peculiar name. Shivaye says only a Laila creates a Majnu, I’ve become Majnu following a Laila. Tej inquires and Awara? Shivaye says I’m Kunwara and also a bit Awara. Dadi asks where would you belong. Jhanvi says that your getup is odd. He states getup varies with time. Om says we do not know you. Shivaye says vow on Lord, did not Shivaye inform me.

Shivaye states no, I can not come, I’ve an imp assembly, I’ll be late. Priyanka says you’ve got to come, hit poolside until 8pm. Gauri asks Anika to use the saree rather than be late, hit poolside at 8pm. She states Priyanka and I’ve got a picture program, inform me about the shock afterwards.
Mohit says sorry, its own blessed lighter, I do not give it to anybody. Shivaye asks what is your strategy now. Mohit says we’ve meeting sponsors. Nancy states and dinner together. Shivaye says I believed we will have dinner together. Mohit says we could have dinner tomorrow. Priyanka and Gauri appear on. Priyanka says Mohit and Nancy are moving out, we could execute our strategy . Gauri says everybody else is in the home. Priyanka says I’ve thought of a plan to ship them out. She inquires Tej and Jhanvi did not they go in Ahuja’s celebration. Tej says I do not need to watch Ahuja, he’s dull. Jhanvi says , his celebrations are dull. Priyanka begs them to proceed. Jhanvi says she’s correct, we ought to proceed for a while. Tej agrees. Jhanvi says I’ll prepare and come. Jhanvi states why do I believe that you’re making us depart shortly. Priyanka says no, celebration will finish. They depart. Dadi says I’ll go late. Gauri says that I will manage Anika, you manage Shivaye.

Anika maintains great, I’ll make tea for you, just how much sugar are you going to choose. He states four spoons. Nancy says its considerably, right. Anika says , I take four carrot sugar in my tea. Nancy asks actually, I really don’t like tea, I like coffee. Shivaye says I like coffee. She says no glucose. Anika says bitter and black, how can you consume it and why. Nancy says Taj claims exactly the exact same to me. Shivaye says how can you drink that tea, that is similar to sugar . Mohit says Nancy claims exactly the exact same to me. Anika states it means we’re similar. Nancy states and we’re alike. Mohit says you chose soon, we must find many things and understand what we can get and what we will not get. He yells the milder and more ignites the green fire. Anika says its amazing milder.

He states Shivaye has delivered some thing for you. He supplies a tissue and states Shivaye did not desire Anika to shout, he would like you to cheer Ganesh ji with a grin. She states Shivaye…. . Dadi asks Omru to put Ganpati ji. Om inquires without Shivaye. Anika says we’ll do so for Shivaye along with his joy, Ganpati Bappa will finish all of his problems. Omru receive the idol. The idol stinks. Shivaye supports and retains the idol punctually. Everyone prays. Shivaye Thank you Lord for creating him fulfill his loved ones. He prays to find courage to demonstrate his innocence and find Nancy’s actual murderer.

She inquires did you create this all, you made it quick. He states I thought that I got overdue, you’re doubting on my own talent. She says you maintained kitchen tidy, today I’m sure you’re Shivaye’s buddy, he also retains kitchen tidy when he cooks. He says that he can not cook , you’ve got my meals after, you’ll forget his meals. She says that I do not agree, you possibly excellent cook, but nobody could cook better than him. He states you think him a great deal. She says he’s my view, I can not feel he can kill anybody, I regret he is innocent and even then he’s bearing punishment, actual murderer is on the loose. She yells. He goes to maintain her face and quits. He states stop yelling, Shivaye will not enjoy that, else I will…. He receives a chili bowl and sets his face in it. He says I have a facepack. She laughs. She says you’re funny. He says you’re really great, keep grinning. She goes and moans.
Shivaye in disguise, has Ganpati home. Shivaye asks do not you understand Ganpati ji. Tej says I’m talking about you, how can you come from my home without consent.

Anika gets prepared and comes. Shivaye comes and asks what is the surprise. He sees Anika and states nice surprise. She states really, its a terrific surprise. He states Priyanka has… She states Gauri…He asks everybody else… She states there isn’t any one in the home, Tej and Jhanvi went in celebration, Dadi travelled in Jagrata, Gauri and Priyanka went for film, it means we’re lonely. He steps backagain. She asks why are you really going back. He states I’m feeling hungry. She says that I can assist you. He begins eating.

He makes Nancy remainder on mattress. He requests Anika to turn off AC and receive a towel quickly. Anika goes. Mohit comes and inquires Nancy are you fine. Shivaye says she dropped in pool and obtained a panic attack. Mohit asks are you currently fine. Nancy nods. Mohit states treat Nancy, else I can not live without you. Shivaye says we will depart. Anika says that they have much love between them, Nancy is the actual magician, her magical captured a magician such as Taj also, Nancy is indeed blessed to possess such a loving husband, directly. Shivaye looks .

She yells. He asks her to possess it. She says I’ll have it. He holds her hands and says sorry, will I say anything, you seem really lovely, you now say something. She smiles and states it means you would like to listen to compliments. She serves meals. He states Priyanka and Gauri made amazing decorations. Anika states and there’s absolutely no disturbance. She states hope I did not disturb you. He states maybe not in all, its great you’ve come, where’s Mohit. She says he’s with patrons, I’d hassle and arrived back, so sorry, didn’t disturb your romantic supper. He states join uscome. Nancy claims no, I need some fresh air, I’ll sit pool , you guys continue. She measures in the swimming pool and drops. Anika states do something, she’ll sink. He asks her to present her hands. Nancy says I can not sink. She pulls Shivaye within the pool. Anika seems on.

Shivaye says do not worry, everything will acquire nice, I’ve come here, believe Shivaye has arrived home. Tej and Anika inquire where’s Shivaye. Shivaye says I do not understand, he phoned me and requested me to take Ganpati into Oberoi mansion to ensure Ganpati solves all of your problems. Dadi says he’s in pain and he worries for us and household customs. Tej says how will we feel that Shivaye has delivered you. Everyone stares.

Shivaye states no, its alright. Mohit says certain, shut your eyes , today consider a blossom. Anika claims done. Mohit says today open your eyes. Everyone smiles. Anika inquires how did that come. Mohit states by magic. She says I did not think about the colour. Mohit says I understand, only check your own hair. She has a red rose and says I’ve thought about that. Shivaye says nicely done, I also wish to perform this trick. Mohit says nice, consider a blossom. Shivaye states fine. All of them grin. He says I did not state this, this isn’t right. Mohit states but Anika thought of the. Anika says , I presumed Shivaye will think about cactus because it suits him. They laugh. Shivaye says you’d be certain now that he’s Taj. Anika says . Shivaye asks can my pals take rest today. Anika says certain.

Gauri claims notion is great, but how will this occur. Priyanka says we must get this done, since Omru are not here, Shivaye and Anika need to devote their space will finish, we’ll create romantic ambience to them, they’ll fall in love. Gauri says love does not occur this way. Priyanka asks her to look at out the notions she discovered on web. Gauri states if you’re saying accurate, this strategy will operate. Nancy asks Mohit to assist her. She inquires without audio. They dancing. Nancy says sorry men. Mohit inquires why, I’m convinced Shivaye and Anika will even know the love between newly weds. Shivaye says we have coffee.
He states Shivaye calls you Bade Papa and considers by heart also, Shivaye explained that he’s two brothers, 1 Dilwala plus one Dolewala. Dadi inquires how can you understand Shivaye. He says we’re best buddies, Shivaye needed my dish and turned into my lover, I’m particular Shahi chef, I’ve magic in my hands, a person come from way to have my particular dishes, I’ve come from way for friendship, Shivaye requested me to look after you in his absence, until he comes , believe I’m your Billu. Dadi blesses him says I actually believed that my Billu has arrived, he also utilized to get Ganpati house annually. Tej says Shivaye is not here, but commanding what. Shivaye says he’s delivered this, he did not want you to overlook observing joy, being gloomy in his grief, you’re here after several years, he desires Ganesh Chaturthi to be celebrated in grand manner. Anika cries.
Om stops Mohit and inquires where are you moving. Mohit says much from the house, I can not reside within my wife’s murderer’s house, Shivaye murdered my wife and my magical also, I’m dumb without my spouse, I’m unable to do a little hint. Shivaye arrives to him. Omru state Shivaye has delivered him to take good care of us. Shivaye says I’m Majnu Singh Awara, you can not move anyplace, Shivaye has asked me to look after youpersonally, Ganpati has come home, he’ll feel terrible if you go, stay here, give me the bag, I’ll send this on your luggage, tell me exactly what do you wish , I’ll cook whatever you desire. Rudra says that I hope everything will get nice, at Anika and Dadi begin getting food. Rudra inquires why. Shivaye claims to understand that these muscles aren’t just show bit, in which is kitchen, I’ll cook meals now. Shivaye prepares meals.

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