“Monster Hunter Rise” Short-term intensive column 2nd. The most comfortable hunting field in the history of the series!


We are pleased to present the second play diary of the Nintendo Switch software “Monster Hunter Rise” on sale from Capcom.

Hello. I’m a writer, barley tea, who likes the “Monster Hunter” series so much that I can do it 36 hours a day.

The “Monster Hunter” series has been going on for over 15 years, but I think that the basis of the fun of each work is “monster hunting.” This time, I will write down what I felt about the fields that are deeply related to such hunting.

The easiest field to walk around in the past!

The field of “Monster Hunter Rise” is wide and flat! I entered from the answer suddenly, but I can really feel these two features intuitively.

“Monster Hunter: World” was a field that tickled the quest for realism, with the terrain being rugged and intricate. That was also an attraction, but on the other hand, when hunting monsters, a jump attack came out on a step, if I was moving around I was driven into a wall, or I suddenly slid on a slope. It often led to actions that I didn’t do.

▲ The image is from “Monster Hunter: World”.

As I said at the beginning, in “Monster Hunter Rise”, the place where you face the monsters is so wide that you can feel it several times as much as the past work, and there are almost no steps. You can just hunt comfortably.

Thanks to this, there is almost no accident that the “charge step” of the bow gets caught in the step and the reservoir is canceled, and I am able to spend days shooting “rigid shots” on the monster’s face while smiling. thank you very much.

Also, what I personally feel amazing is the existence of “Otomogaruku” and “Shomu” for the size of this field.

I don’t know whether the size of the field or “Otomogaruku” or “Shomu” came out first as a development plan, but the size of this field cannot be established without the mobility of “Otomogarku” and “Shomu”. I think that. With conventional movement speeds, it takes a lot of time to reach the destination.

This horizontal connection that not only puts “Otomogaruku” and “Shomu” as independent signboard elements of “Monster Hunter Rise” but also contributes to the comfort of the moving surface has been dismissed with a single word “Sugee!” I’m sorry, but it’s really amazing.

By the way, you may think, “It’s wide and comfortable to hunt, but is it fun to explore?”, But “wide and flat” is only when hunting with monsters.

Although the story is a little off from the part of comfortable hunting, it is also a noteworthy point that can be placed on the field side that the “place to confront the monster” and the “place to search” are separated.

In a simple analogy, the place where athletes compete in a sports stadium is “a place to confront monsters”, and the spectator seats are “a place to explore”.

Many of the “places to explore” can be visited by making full use of “Shomu”, and there are collection items called “relics of ancestors” that allow you to consider the world view, and there are rare creatures. Hidden elements are also studded and it is also fun to explore.

If you try to find the two points just mentioned with no hints, it is difficult to find them at a frustrating level ……. Only here, I was frustrated in every field in about 10 minutes.

It may not be believed because you mentioned too many good parts, but it is really good. If I was asked to list the parts that I was worried about, there would be times when the trees in the submerged forest would get in the way …

That’s why this time around.

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