“Ys 2” 33rd Anniversary Story Summary: The stage of Adol’s adventure with 6 books is to the Kingdom of Ys [Falcom 40th Anniversary Special]


Nihon Falcom celebrated its 40th anniversary on March 9, 2021. To commemorate this, Dengeki Online will develop a project article about Nihon Falcom.

And, in commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of “Ys II Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter” released today on April 22, 1988 (Showa 63), we will deliver a story review article.

[Ys II Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter]
・ Release date: April 22, 1988
・ Model: PC-8801mkⅡSR
-Media: Floppy disk
・ Genre: A ・ RPG
・ Price: 7,800 yen (excluding tax)
・ It was released on many models such as PC (PC-9801, X1 turbo, etc.) and FC.
・ FC version is often sold under license by companies other than Nihon Falcom, such as Victor Music Industry.

What is “Ys II Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter”?

“Adol-Christine” was touted as a rare adventurer in the world after many adventures centered on the western part of the continent of Elesia. The more than a hundred notes he left have captivated many and aroused his interest and curiosity in the unseen world.

“Ys II” released on PC on April 22, 1988 is Adol’s first big adventure. The battle in the “Ancient Kingdom Ys”, which can be said to be the second part, is depicted.

Adol, who has prepared six Ys books in “Ys I” and overcame a fierce battle with his powerful enemy Dalk-Fact, heads to the continent of the sky. There will be new encounters and you will be devoting yourself to further battles.

▲ The new magic has changed the way you fight against boss enemies. In addition, there are things that are useful not only for attacks but also for solving mysteries. There are also magic that illuminates hidden things and magic that transforms into a monster.

The fast-paced opening song “TO MAKE THE END OF BATTLE” is a masterpiece that arouses the dawn of a new adventure and curiosity about the unknown world. Coupled with that “turning around Lilia”, it made a strong impression on many players.

In addition, this work has a part that is deeply connected to the latest series “Ys IX” released in 2019. After finishing their adventures in Balduk, many of them may have missed and visited Estelia and Ys again. Or, I think there are people who have become interested in Adol’s past adventures through “Ys IX” and have set foot in the pursuit of past works.

Here, we will repost the story playback part that was published in “Nihon Falcom 30th Anniversary Official Commemorative Book Falcom Chronicle” (published by KADOKAWA).

Let’s go back 33 years and follow in the footsteps of Adol.

“Ys II” system check

● Magic

There are various effects such as a fire that shoots a fireball forward to attack, a light that illuminates hidden things, a telepathy that transforms into a sacred beast Lou, etc., and it can be used by obtaining a wand corresponding to each magic. ..

When using it, it consumes the MP specified for each magic, but some of them have different performance and MP consumption depending on the level.

There are also items that affect specific magic, such as adding tracking performance to the fire.

● MP (magic point)

The maximum value is the same as the maximum HP, which is the point consumed when using magic. By touching the statue of the goddess while holding the wand of the divine world, you will be awarded MP and you will be able to use magic.

Unlike HP, it does not recover naturally, and it is necessary to rest at home or use roda fruits to recover.

“Ys II” Story Playback


Adol, who has six Ys books in his hand, is wrapped in the light emitted from the books and is led to the earth in the sky. When Lilia, a woman she meets, learns that this is the legendary kingdom of Ys, Adol decides to head to the village of Reims, where she lives.

[01] Banoa’s request

When she visits her house in Lilia, her mother, Banoa, tells her that Lilia is seriously ill and she has three months to live. Flair, a doctor who knows how to treat her, is missing, and she is entrusted with a letter asking me if she finds him. He cares for Adol and gives him 300 gold to fund the purchase of equipment.

[02] Search for ruins

According to Flair’s younger brother, Flair was involved in a cave-in accident in an abandoned mine underground in the ruins. Adol gets permission from the village elder to enter the abandoned mine and heads for the ruins. There, he gets a number of important items, such as the ancient stone slabs about Ys’s book, the wand of the divine world needed to handle magic, and the fruit of Roda.

[03] Announcement of the Six Priests

The destination from the ruins was connected to the sanctuary dedicated to the statues of the six priests. As you approach the statue, Ys’s book emerges and is sucked into the statue. And I heard the words of the priest. Adol visits five sanctuaries in the process of exploring, but priests in every place leave an ominous announcement that Ys will suffer again.

[04] Rescue of flare

Obtain Clelia’s ring, fire cane, and mattock in the sanctuary or abandoned mine. Succeeded in rescuing Flair by crushing the wall that seems to have caused a cave-in accident at Mattock. When I gave him Banoa’s letter, he said that he needed Celseta flowers and Roda fruits to make the medicine. He already has Roda’s fruit, so he decides to look for Celseta’s flowers.

[05] Battle with Bella Gander

Celseta flowers grow in dark and damp places, so I decided to explore the lower layers. Along the way, he is blocked from reaching the monster Belagander, who has a mouth in his belly, but is repelled by the magic of Fire. At the bottom of the abandoned mine, you can get the magic of lights and the evil bells, as well as the flowers of Celseta.

[06] A silver bullet for Lilia’s disease

Adol, who collected the ingredients for medicine, returns to the village of Reims and visits Flair. She delivers the medicine he has prepared to Banoa, and she thanks the return wand that has been passed down from generation to generation. This magic allows her to warp bases such as villages. Lilia, who was listening to them outside, also thanked Adol for her.

[07] Announcement from the last priest

Jira, a villager, asked me to investigate when a monster voice was heard from the warehouse of his house. If you use an evil bell in the warehouse, you will break the wall and many monsters will appear. The back is connected to the sanctuary, and the last priest announces the existence of the devil’s cause in the Salmon Temple. The priest then opens the way to the temple and entrusts Adol with a scroll of guidance.

[08] Adventure on the ice wall, which is a frigid land

The road from the sanctuary to the temple is long, and there are many difficulties along the way. The first difficulty is the ice wall. Adol moves forward while getting information from monsters with guide scrolls and telepathic magic that can transform into monsters. Aim to break through the ice wall by making full use of ice fog balls that bridge the ice and stone shoes that do not slip even when walking on the ice.

[09] Battle with Tialmas

Adol who breaks through the phantom door with the phantom mirror and enters the true door. There, Tialmas, a monster who manipulates ice, attacks. While avoiding the crushing of the ice that the enemy flies, I will pierce the gap when the enemy lands and attack with the magic of the fire. After defeating the enemy in this way, Adol opens the door and steps into the lava field.

[10] To bridge the lava village

Turning from the frigid region, the stage of the next adventure is a lava field full of flames and heat. Along the way, Adol arrives at a lava village, getting information about Lou’s residence. However, the bridge leading to the Temple of Salmon had been destroyed by a monster attack. Furthermore, it seems that the appearance of Luba, the keeper of the bridge, has become strange since the attack of the monster.

[11] Talph kidnapped by demons

Luba thought that Adol, who was disguised as Lou, was a monster, and reported that he had stopped Adol because of his son who was kidnapped by the monster. Knowing the situation in this way, Adol decides to help Luba’s son Tarf. The place where Talph was caught was in the back of a rock wall where the voice could not reach, but I was able to talk with the power of the whispering necklace given by Luba.

[12] The power of black pearls

According to a person named Keith who is caught with Tarf, he wants him to bring a black pearl. When I searched for a black pearl, Keith’s power with the help of that pearl crushed the rock wall, and the Talfs succeeded in escaping. And Keith disappears from the front of Adol as it is and goes away somewhere.

[13] Battle with Geraldine

Luba thanked Adol for rescuing Tarf and built a bridge to the Salmon Temple. Proceeding beyond the bridge, you will encounter the eerie monster Geraldi on the way. After defeating it, Adol arrives at the village of Lamia. The village is adjacent to the Temple of Salmon, and it is almost as if you have arrived at the temple.

[14] A village dominated by demons

The Temple of Salmon was occupied by monsters, and the neighboring village of Lamia was also dominated by monsters, such as being forced to provide sacrifices on a regular basis. With the help of the gatekeeper Goat, who keeps the demons of the Salmon Temple from invading the village, and Hadad, the inhabitants, Adol heads to the temple with the shell of Lira entrusted by Hadad.

[15] Dulles’s curse

Adol, who turned into a roux by the magic of telepathy, infiltrated the inside of the temple. He advances to the depths of the temple, using the peace ring, passport, and identification code obtained by eavesdropping on monster conversations obtained at the temple. However, in the room in front of the underground waterway, he is found by an enemy cadre, Dulles, and receives a curse that makes him unable to return to human form.

[16] Return to humans with the Holy Cup

Adol, who was advised by an old man leg in the village of Lamia that he could return to humans if he had a holy cup, searched all over the temple and obtained the holy cup from a hidden treasure chest. He asks Leg to break the curse and heads back into the temple. Adol breaks into the underground waterway through a room blocked by Dulles, where he discovers a hideout for the escapees.

[17] The curse of petrification on Lilia

Adol reunites with Lilia in the escaper’s hideout. He was kidnapped by a monster and taken to the temple, but he seems to have been helped by a monster called Keith. When he receives the key to the temple from Keith from Lilia, Dulles’ voice echoes out of nowhere. And Dulles turns the escapees, including Lilia, into stones to afflict Adol.

[18] Battle with Druga

After leaving the escaper’s hideout, Adol opens the treasure chests in various parts of the temple with the key of the temple, and obtains an iron shield, time stop magic, and a silver pendant. Also, when he breaks into a room he couldn’t go to before, he is attacked by a spider-shaped monster, Druga. He succeeds in repelling the attack while avoiding the attacks that scatter light bullets.

[19] Key to the waterway adjustment room entrusted by Keith

Hadad contacts Adol in a hurry through the shell of Lira. When he returned to the village of Lamia because he wanted him to come back, he saw Taruf there. After receiving information from him that the man in Robe is dying, Adol heads back to the temple. In the underground waterway, Keith, who is chased by monsters, entrusts him with the key to the waterway adjustment room.

[20] Execution at the bell tower

Adol who adjusts the water level of the waterway in the waterway adjustment room and moves on. On the way, he goes deeper while getting battle swords, battle armor, battle shields, etc., and Keith is there. He says Dulles is trying to execute a woman named Maria at the bell tower, and if the bell of the bell tower rings five times, the execution will be carried out.

[21] Battle with Zaba

Adol arrives at the bell tower and is blocked from going to Zaba, a female monster with a bat-like demon. She can’t damage the humanoid Zaba, but the little demon that flies around it is the body of Zaba, and Adol, who sees it, defeats Zaba. In this way, Adol goes to the back of the bell tower.

[22] Execution

Adol discovers Maria on the first floor of the bell tower, but her strong barrier prevents her from approaching. Apparently he has no choice but to defeat Dulles. Adol hurries to Dulles at the top of the bell tower, but just one step away, the fifth bell rings and the execution is carried out indefinitely.

[23] Goddess Royal Palace

Adol, who obtained a dream stone statue from a treasure chest on the way out, hears the goddess’s voice in a hall called the goddess’s royal palace. He says that using a dream stone statue inlaid with black pearls at the top of the bell tower will break the curse of petrification. Recalling that Talph has black pearls, Adol returns to the village of Lamia.

[24] Release the curse of petrification

Adol tried to borrow black pearls from Talph, but Talph had lost the pearls. The pearl was picked up by a monster and taken to the temple, but managed to recapture it. With the power of the goddess, a black pearl is set in the stone statue of the dream, and when used at the top of the bell tower, the curse of petrification that has plagued Lilia and others is brilliantly released.

[25] Now, to the center of Ys

In the underground waterway, there is Toba, the son of Hadad who has broken the curse of petrification, and he entrusts him with the Clelia Sword. And from Hadad, the village of Lamia, Clelia Armor is entrusted. After that, Adol, who was given a gold pendant by the people of the escaper’s hideout, uses it to transfer from the statue of the goddess and aim for the center of Ys.

[26] Battle with Dulles

Dulles, the demon executive, stands in front of Adol, who is aiming for the central nervous system. When he defeats it and proceeds to the center, he reunites with Goat, Talph, Keith, and Maria, who is said to have escaped death due to the power of the bracelet he wore. They were the descendants of the six priests who came under the guidance of the goddess’s voice.

[27] Two goddesses

When I received the goddess’s ring from Lilia who followed her and proceeded to the back, I saw Fina and Rhea who were cursed by Dam, the devil’s cause. However, the curse is released by the power of the silver harmonica brought by Goban and Ruta who appeared in a difficult situation. Adol will also be equipped with the Clelia Shield that they brought to the final battle with Dam.

[28] Deathfight with Dam

Dam that attacks by dropping a fireball while repeating teleporting. While avoiding the fireball, Adol managed to grab the victory by repeatedly attacking immediately after appearing in the teleport. As with Ys I’s Dalk-Fact, Dam cannot be damaged unless it is equipped with Clelia’s armor.


Adol is greeted by the descendants of the Six Priests and two goddesses. Fina has a sad expression while everyone smiles. Fina conveys her love for Adol. But she says she decided to sublimate the black pearl as a goddess and to watch over the peace of the people. Fina then sheds tears and says goodbye to Adol.

Ys had landed on the ground because the power of black pearls had disappeared. Adols from the temple receive the generous hospitality of Dogi and other Esterias. Adol walks to them with a smile. At this moment, the long journey around the Kingdom of Ys has come to an end. And Adol’s new adventure began.

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