Eternal Love Update Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Eternal Love 2 March 2021 update: Rohit comes residence. He sees Veena departing in anger. She says that I will not tolerate this, such a large cheat. He states did mother come to understand the reality. He asks what is the issue. She states what issue does Sonakshi’s family gets. She belongs. He asks where’s Sonakshi. Sonakshi states Tanya, anxiety is not great for your infant. Tanya says Deepa advised me about Rohan and Pari, once I watched them together now…. I was able to uncertainty Rohan a lot, since I adore him, I clarified myself that I should not doubt himI lack something. Sonakshi claims no, do not believe so, Rohan and Pari are incorrect, I guarantee I will not depart Pari. Rohit seems on shocked. He asks what issue does your household has, why are they later my loved ones.
Rohan gets stunned seeing spy camera in the dustbin. Pari inquires what happened. He says perhaps. He receives the camera. She asks who’d fixed this. He receives Tanya’s telephone number. He replies. He states I’m just arriving. Pari asks what’s going to happen today. He says I’ll go home and watch. Vimmi asks is that this guy imp, you’re asking everyone. Sonakshi says its imp to understand, you do your own job, I’ll ask someone else. Rohan comes. He inquires is it all about Tanya, where’s she. She says she’d maintain her area, why are you currently tensed. He states she messaged, therefore that I was worried, she’s pregnant. He says I believe I’ve seen him Ajit, he’s odd, he stammers when he speaks. He belongs. She says that this guy is Ajit’s buddy, he’s a blackmailer, the way do Ajit have friendship with these kinds of people and the reason why. Ajit says , he is Yashwant, the reason why. She says I did not identify himis he your friend. He states I met him several years ago in the hospital parties, did anything happen. She says . He says you seem in tension.

She states unwind, Sonakshi’s picture can also be associated with Sippys, I will not state, how do Naren do so, he made a large issue for Sonakshi’s rain dance, he had an affairhe does not have any response, Sonakshi is insane to leave her livelihood. Ajit says I despise that guy, but please I beg you, I can not see my mother getting hurt. She says that its not Veena’s error, get regular and proceed home. He says thanks, do not tell anyone. He leaves. He states its Tanya’s jewelry exhibition now, you need to come and bless. She says I could see. He says she’s my mumma, I can achieve this. He receives a sprain. She inquires will I get medication. He says , I love to receive your attention. She says Ajit predicted, he’d be arriving, he’s in tension, I’ll speak to him. She says that I only hope everything stays nice.
She gets mad and leaves. Rohit inquires where are you really moving. She states what issue Sonakshi’s household has…. He says that your mother believes that we requested you dowry. She says Sumit chose a new home, he had financial assistance. He inquires could not you tell this to your mother or me, your mother arrived and insulted Veena, is that honest. He says I understand and honor her, Veena is imp to mepersonally, Suman might have talked nicely. He belongs.
Ajit cries and believes of Naren’s words. He states you cheated my mom, you call me reckless, I hate my father. He has drunk. The cab driver asks for cuisine. He drops Ajit on the street and takes his view. Ajit drops. An automobile stops. Sonakshi gets prepared. She tries to speak. He has a spine sprain. She asks him to eliminate his tshirt. He says that I m fine. She asks how long can people struggle, you slept here and watch… She applies the ointment and leaves him use the tee straight back. He thanks .

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She says I’m sorry, I must have told reality to Suman, there’s Tanya’s exhibition now, I advised Suman to not come. He hugs her and says that I do not need to manage the situation in which I must pick between you or Veena. She states sorry. Veena comes and claims Ajit did not come home, do you understand where’s he. Rohit hugs them says that I love you ten crores. She provides him lemonade. He asks him to take drugs. She says I needed to get you as you’re drunk. He claims sorry for the problem. He appears for his view. She’s his phone. She inquires are you prepared to confront your daddy. He asks how can you understand. Ajit states that I heard Sonakshi and Rohit’s conversation, please this issue can not go out.

Ajit starts yelling. She says I’m sorry, I’m stuck. She says I’d seen the writing pad on your area, I thought how can you do so, however you did so, why. He says , I’m not the offender, I’m a sufferer, I lost money in gaming, I needed to devote one crore into Yashwant, sorry to let you down. She states it means you discovered Rohit along with my chat, you know daddy’s truth. FB reveals Ajit hearing their conversation. He says , I heard all, I did not know my father would do this a terrible thing, he insults me in front of everyone, he’s just two faced, Pooja is his illegitimate daughter, I despise him. He yells.

She inquires about the guy. She says I did not see him in our marriage. He says I do not understand, come, I wish to sleep. Sonakshi says who’s this guy, any relative, or even possibly connected to Pooja, does Rohit understand him. Suman inquires Pari are you currently at Sonakshi’s home. Pari states .
Sonakshi committing one crore and requesting the guy to not call him . Some time back, Sonakshi inquires Rohit regarding the pic.


Tanya is concerned. Pooja asks are you really nervous. Tanya provides necklace to Pooja. Deepa indicates the pencil driver. Tanya states I could see. Deepa inquires why would you like to hurt your self. Akash appears on and has stunned. Deepa says I do not understand, this is not perfect. Sonakshi enjoys Tanya’s layout. Akash comes. She states Tanya is so gifted, its amazing, she’ll be quite happy that her layouts become sold tonight. He states how will she be happy if her marriage is busting up, Pari and Rohan have an affair, Pari is destroying Tanya’s life. Sonakshi gets stunned. Sonakshi comes and appears on. Sonakshi says cease it, you’re pregnant, manage your little one. She chooses Tanya. Veena comes and states where did they go, I’ll continue to keep the clothes in her room. She has stunned seeing the movie.
Veena says I can not forgive Suman’s behaviour, where’s Sonakshi, how did she want one crore. He says I’ll speak to her. Sonakshi says I will see what you’re feeling, there’s not any explanation for this, you will need money, you might have asked me, how can you use the family key, shame on you, you told it to this goon Yashwant. Ajit apologizes. She receives Rohit’s telephone number. She asks what will I inform him. He states do not tell him, he’ll despise me, please. She disconnects. Rohit says I trust she’s not in any issue. Sonakshi says I can not tell anyone, do not understand I’m helping one, I do not wish to hurt anyone, do not think about sharing this thing with anyone, time will reveal how Yashwant employs this issue. He states I’m sorry. She leaves.

Sonakshi matches Yashwant. She provides money and claims that its one crore, you’ll never call me , none ought to know about father. He states that I vow with this money, I will not tell anyone. She asks him to rely on it. He says I will know it from the bag’s weightloss. She leaves. He whistles. Yashwant says you left a fantastic plan.
Sonakshi comes residence. Rohit inquires where were youpersonally. She says I travelled for dubbing. He inquires will you inform me about one crore, as your mother thinks we’re requesting dowry.
Veena says she is not at home. Suman yells and has seated. She states that which tension did you contribute to Sona today, she’s always giving evaluations, you rely her errors and blame hershe has opted to leave the series, now you’re requesting her hard earned money. Veena inquires what did we perform, I could know we had a difficulty due to her function, we did not take money. Suman says you ought to have taken dowry, what is the demand for play. Veena inquires how do you believe that, sorry, we do not understand how much she makes. Rohit comes and says mother is correct, how do you think of the. Suman says she’s broken one crore FD, she did not inform me, its not only for us, and it means she did so for you. Veena says she did so for her private work. Suman asks what is going to be the requirement. Rohit says she did not speak to me, I’ll speak to her, I do not appreciate how you’re talking to mother. Suman says alright, I’m done. She belongs. He asks where’s Sona.
She says that you did not drink the coffee, I’ll request Vimmi to ship a different one. He states no demand. She sees that the envelope seal and remembers the notice. Ajit gets a telephone and states do not demand Naren in everything, I’ll manage everything. Tanya shows her jewelry designs. She says I’m presuming to have an exhibition, so why not assist me in making it a major success. He inquires was there anything barbarous, I had been worried. She asks why would you look confused and scared. He states I was overly stressed, I fear for you and our baby. She kisses him and says you’re so sweet, I’ll tell mom that we will arrange an exhibition. She belongs. Pari asks what, Tanya is ordinary, it means she did not maintain the camera. He asks is the mother fine. Pari says she is not in the home. Suman comes to fulfill Veena.

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