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Dramaworld 2 (2021) 드라마월드 시즌2



Dramaworld 2 (2021)
Other Title: 드라마월드 시즌2, Dramaworld Season 2, Dramaworld S2, Deuramawoldeu 2, Deuramawoldeu Sijeun 2, 드라마월드 Season 2

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural
Episodes: 8
Country: South Korea
Director: –
Writer: –
Network: Viki
Release Date: Apr 2, 2021 – May 21, 2021
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  • Sean Richard as Joon Park
  • Liv Hewson as Claire Duncan
  • Justin Chon as Seth Ko
  • Henry Lau as Woo Sung
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Doug
  • Brett Gray as Evan


It tells the story of Claire Duncan, an American college student who’s an enthusiastic enthusiast of Korean TV dramas, inexplicably enters the digital world into his favourite play. Each time Choi Si Won and Han Ji Min as Hallyu stars cameos by starring at the sights and offering for its Korean lovers, was a parody during the scene had been the positioning (PPL) and also the representative of the Korea drama.

The creation of Season 2 has been completed following Season 1, even when’Dramaworld’, where Sean Richard played with the direct producer and lead actor, obtained volatile responses from K-drama fans round the world. ‘Drama World’, which premiered in 2016 Season 1, has attained great results in Korea, France, and the USA, and has won the’Overseas Drama Popularity celebrity’ in the Seoul International Drama awards. This American woman is hooked on Korean dramas and operates at her dad’s sandwich store.

Claire appears in the front of the most important personality Park Joon (Shun Richard), whom she adored while viewing the play at the drama’Taste of Love’ and kisses himdisturbing the equilibrium of Drama World. Then, with Claire’s look, events which endanger the presence of Drama World happen one after another.

Formerly during Season 1,’Drama World’, that included fun components with celebrities like Han Ji-min, Lee Ji-ah, Choi Si-won, Yang Dong-geun, and Sam Hamington, emerged in the ideal location cameo, and lots of K-pop idols and leading celebrities who direct the Korean Wave combined in Season 2 as well. Additionally, she’ll be responsible for international sales and supply at Endiver Contents, that is the bureau of manager Park Chan-wook and Angelina Jolie. Sean Richards, the lead author of’Drama World’ and also CEO of this manufacturing firm Third Culture Contents, stated,

“We’re thankful that we may safely create playoff World Season 2 in scenarios that nobody anticipated of a pandemic. Actor Ha Ji-won along with other very good actors that have headed the Korean Wave, such as celebrity Ha Ji-won, also”It appears that it had been possible throughout the balance of the creative group,” he explained. “This show is a project that originated with enthusiasm. ‘Drama World’ will strategy present fans and new potential audiences like a magical.”

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