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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 24 Recap



Nan Xiangwan signed at the doorway, Liu Yubai raced over, put his coat on incidentally, along with both attended the event together. One of the classmates gift, everybody had their own profits. Zeng Jianfei was a relative of this singer along with her helper.

Everybody is gossiping about if Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran have been collectively, and Wang Qibei discussed the present position of the exam area within an insider. Though there was an auto collision, fortunately, it wasn’t severe. But, Nan Xiangwan did not understand that, so before she had been delivered into the hospital, she inadvertently saw Lin Xiaoran standing alongside her .

Liu Jiaojiao is currently an online performer with countless lovers, and can eventually appreciate the air and distress due to online public view. Liu Yubai often wins awards for architectural style, Zhu Cong begins his own business, Zhang Chao has come to be a basketball celebrity by virtue of his skill Wang Feng is devoted to charity.

Seeing that everybody is having a fantastic time, Director Zhang and many others are extremely delighted. Liu Jiaojiao chose this chance to let her figure who one of the individuals present got married after graduation.
Nan Xiangwan readily consented, so he called to notify another party, thinking about the chilly night, he just brought a coat.

The assembly time came as scheduled. Because of this, only a couple of steps off, she found Beauty came uninvited and wished to look for comfort from her. Nan Xiangwan understood that Yu Meili had been afflicted by stress symptoms prior to the examination, so she chose to tell tales about her youth, and also said that she’d be admitted into college and become an fantastic author later on.

After a time, he noticed Lin Xiaoran walking out of a space wearing a formal lawsuit. He sat alongside Nan Xiangwan very obviously, of course. Both are somewhat more affectionate.
Both appeared to have unlimited words at the cafe, though it was dark, they still could not say goodbye. Though there wasn’t any confession or sentiment within this date, there was a tacit understanding through appointment. Nan Xiangwan reported he wished to watch him in Beijing, also Lin Xiaoran agreed with a grin.

Due to this Oolong episode, the two eventually knew each other’s goals and understood they could never abandon each other . Even though Yu Meili composed the unhappy ending in the publication, Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran are the coveted lovers in fact. At exactly the exact same time, they recognize they ought to take the initiative to struggle for the correct time and individuals, rather than leaving regrets. . Since Wang Qibei replayed the meeting video of Xiangli Middle School, everybody’s memory returned into the next year of high school, young and lovely, and never stopped.

Maybe due to Nan Xiangwan’s encouragement, Yu Meili eventually fell into her head and promised to compose Nan Xiangwan’s narrative in the publication after becoming a writer. As she had been a bit mad, Lin Xiaoran walked outside of the side.

The teachers at the test area felt sorry. She was on the flat bed a couple of decades after. She looked around, answered the telephone call from her mum, dressed and washed subtly, and dressed . Moving to work in the auto, intuitively touched the ring onto the ring finger.

After arriving into the firm, Nan Xiangwan altered his usual state. He had been tolerant of interns with inadequate functionality and regular academic credentials and exchanged places for another party. The intern was somewhat surprised. He did not anticipate it is much better to view it after hearing it. He was more confident that rumors shouldn’t be rashly followed.

On the afternoon of the school admission exam, when Nan Xiang entered the exam room overdue, there was an automobile crash in the doorway. Though she didn’t see who the individual was lying facing the vehicle, she inevitably made all sorts of speculations based on exactly the very same clothes. Initially, Nan Xiangwan wished to rush to learn, but the security guard stopped her straight, so that throughout the examination, he could not calm his thoughts, and replicated the spectacle of Lin Xiaoran being delivered to the rescue area in his head.

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