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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 23 Recap



Actually, the next season of high school is a marathon sprint for those students and the close of the course instructor. While escorting everybody, they need to also wave goodbye. After all, he had been more miserable than others.

They could not help feeling filled with emotions. Chen Shiyun and Liu Yubai fulfilled for the entry examination of Guanhua Architecture, Zhu Cong still consistently disliked his body directly, and utilized the most haughty tone to take care of his pals. Jiang Darling and Liu Jiaojiao intentionally put on jewellery in the front of the severe safety guard, however they did not anticipate the safety would take the initiative to send blessings for the school admission exam, which caught them off guard.

At the corner of this corridor gathered several classmates that couldn’t endure the strain. Both women and men, Yu Meili walked and discovered herself abrupt and discovered some relaxation.

It just took less than five minutes to completely finish the ventilation of tears. Lin Xiaoran believed that Nan Xiangwan wanted this way to alleviate stress, so that he took a bunch of cells and handed it on, but afterwards he underestimated Nan Xiangwan. Another party only hesitated for a couple of seconds, instantly smiled, and even offered to assist everybody. Solve the Issue.
Lin Xiaoran shared with the concert together with Nan Xiangwan with cans. Everybody believed that Wang Qibei could provide a reprimand, but he pretended to be searching for a pen, took the speaker into the point and left .

But, Wang Qibei didn’t last to lecture as normal. Rather, he collaborated with everybody in the tone of a friend, discussing the significance of the school entrance examination along with his duties as a teacher, for example his feelings throughout the length of the seventh course. . Wang Qibei urged everybody to prepare prior to entering the exam room just like a teacher. To be able to promote them to attain fantastic outcomes, they just put on Pikachu’s doll apparel and expressed their blessings with this shock.

The entire procedure seemed to have some thing to say, but in each important moment, it appeared he lost his capacity to express. Nan Xiangwan did not plan he could talk, so he agreed to meet a couple of days ahead of the school entrance examination. As the meeting time was coming, the parents of either side stood by their sides, pouring tea cautiously and wished to set up cameras on the both of them. .

Following Meimei returned into the classroom, she discovered the thermos was full of water . Equipped with the maintenance of this kind of straight guy, I feel less hot, as the other party will pay quietly.

Though lots of individuals have received great news, the majority of them are still working hard to examine the queries, still immersed in this atmosphere, not daring to breathe, although just a small carelessness will impact the wrong strings inside their own hearts.

At the ten days prior to the countdown to the school admission exam, every evening is rushing against time. The pupils have slowly shifted from hard labour at first to nervous and sensitive, even hiding in the corner and crying bitterly. Jiang Darling’s mood went down and up. Zeng Jianfei did not know how to comfort him Jiang Darling obtained the entry notice in the Conservatory of Music. Not just that, Zhang Chao also successfully entered the provincial group, Liu Yubai found himself at the building competition roster.

Since the noise was amplified, the whole school could listen to the tune. Even though the teachers in Class 2 and Class 5 responded differently, they’d be incorporated into the air of their pupils in the long run, letting them sing as far as you can. President Hu was really happy, and Director Zhang was no more in control. She and Wang Qibei stood in the front of the doorway of the class, watching everybody yelling slogans to cheer for them.

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