ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 3 MARCH 2021: Nandini Recalls how Chandra Implemented her sindoor and Quits and then how he Predicted her Savitri and States was maharaj Correct was it my imagination oh that letter along with Nandini calls dasi and asks did you Locate Some letters while cleaning the Chamber,dasi States no I did Not,

Charumati says that he spent night and is my childhood friend and now wants to do pooja using dhrama,Helina believes god this woman keeps speaking how will I handle her someone as her to close up, and states Charumati Bindusara could have some thing moving in his own head I shall talk to himpersonally, Charumati says come conversation today and holds her hands,

Mohini occupied with her pooja,bheemdev comes straight back to his own body,Mohini says exactly what are you currently doing with this dasi,bheemdev says none of the company your responsibility is to have a look at my own body,you’re my pupil, you behave as if my spouse do not be one,Mohini states I do recall I am doing this for my own Gurudev for him back so be careful with everything you do.

Dharma receives 21 vessels of water out of sacred well,she begins feeling ill and is very attempted,Helina says watch Charumati I advised you Bindusara needs to be up to something seem just how,Nandini in tears considering dharmas condition,Panditji states dharma got
Nandini says maharaj I am very sorry,Bheemdev believes why’s she respectful,Nandini says do not be upset please I am so sorry,Chandra says alright depart,Nandini says I won’t until you speak to mepersonally, Chandra cries proceed,Nandini believes I must speak to him and calm him down and hugs him and says I’ve some thing to say you wished to understand my feelings directly,Chandra pushes her and Nandini hurts her mind,Nandini asks what is wrong,Bheemdev believes this behavior is likely to make her funny regarding me and says I am so sorry Nandini I did not mean to do so I am so sorry,Chandra applies ointment and states I am having headache so responded this way,Nandini says you ought to have told me come today I will massage your mind,Chandra says no I will be OK, I’ll rest,go today.

Dharma states dadi you stated recently wed couple go see goddess temple along with the groom ha sto lift his spouse in his arms and climb into temple,dadi says how did I bypass this,Bindusara says I will not,dadi says you’ve got to your dad and I have done this,today start the pooja.

Chitra states Bhadra,Bindusara is indeed impolite to Dharma,it was unfair for dharma,Bhadra says he’s not like this he’s great guy but why does he despise so much,Chitra says why not speak to him,he’s the brother,Bhadra says certain I will,he’s Magads future king and until we depart I will speak,Chitra asks where,Bhadra states parvatak,Chitra says you never wished to leave,Bhadra says pitahshree wants me,Chitra says inform me you’re concealing something,Bhadra informs Chitra the way Chandra behaved,Chitra says I didnt think may be some thing is incorrect speak with mamishree,Bhadra states no desire if he wants us to leave will and do not discuss this with anybody.
Chandra wakes up thick led,and believes how am I here and why’s my mind aching and begins searching for Nandini,Chandra sees her at corridor,also inquires I was searching for you everywhere and just how are you,Nandini says I am great and how can your aggravation,Chandra inquires how can you understand,Nandini says you informed me,Chandra states and that harm did you get it, how did you reveal physician.

Helina calms her and says Charumati you neglected in quitting your husband to visiting other ladies,and asking me to assist,Remember you want to work hard to get your husband and thus stop being a child and go get your husband,do not forget you must devote Magad it is prince and learn how to act I am mukhyamaharni.

Bheemdev since Chandra says it is so enjoyable to become king and inquires dasi to acquire alcohol,dasi leaves in confusion,Chandra asks a mantri what is the amount in treasure,” he says I am not treasurer,Chandra says however it is your responsibility to understand everything get dropped,he renders and dasi walks into,dasi provides him alcoholhe holds her hands,and rolls her,and states that your hands are so tender,Mohini sees it says what’s bheemdev doing and states when Nandini sees him she will discover that it is suspicious and states maharaj and dasi you can depart.

Nandini matches Chitra and asks what is wrong,Chitra says it is my last night in Magad so could not sleep,Nandini inquires what,Chitra says we’re departing for parvatak,also Bhadra is not happy in any way,it is maharajs dictate,Bhadra requires you as your mom also,please attempt to understand his illness,Nandini states this is incredible,Chandra enjoys Bhadra a great deal he could not do so to Bhadra,Chitra says might be since he married me,Nandini says that is impossible I’ll speak to Chandra and leaves.

Mohini says assist me I cant move her entire body,Mohini covers her entire body also asks bheemdev to test if anybody is coming,both collectively going to conceal the human body hear Payal voice and also get in again,Nandini enters the area,also sees Chandra in anger and tensed,Mohini concealing,Nandini asks what is wrong why do you seem tensed,Chandra says aggravation,How come you ,Nandini inquires why did you inquire Bhadra to depart,Chandra says directly,he’s got to learn this is not his condition and he goes back to parvatak and parvatak wants him,and his dad also,Nandini says allow him to remain some more time and afterwards he could rule,Chandra because bheemdev believes I must say yes or she will find it strange and says yes because you state,Nandini says thank you and hugs him and sees blood on flooring.

Bindusara at a pooja,Panditji says let us start with shudhikaran pooja and wash him with 21 bowls of water out of sacred well,Bindusara states cease,Helina asks what occurred,Bindusara states Panditji should not my wife participate in the pooja,Panditji says she needs to also calls dharma,Bindusara states my spouse dharma will receive water out of Holy nicely,Nandini says she’s on quickly and it is sunny out how will she,dadi states Nandini is correct,Bindusara says she should’ve thought before saying yes for this pooja,dharma states I take,I’ll perform all the principles of pooja,mora states but dhrama,dharma states no rajmata to get pooja I shall do whatever and leaves.

Bindusara pulls dharma near and says that I will destroy you,dhrama says that you won’t,for you personally bothering me is important and if you really don’t how are you going to live the remainder in case your lifetime. Doctor says when that blood sample turns out black which definitely means she’s drugged,leaves,Helina claims will never occur and replace the sample with hers,physician walks in and asks how may I assist,Helina says I am having headache please assist, physician gives her medication and she leaves.

Nandini claims god then it had been my imagination and that I blamed maharaj I must say sorry to him. Mohini ruining those letters,dasi walks with meals,Mohini asks where’s maharaj,she states in backyard,Mohini says looks like bheemdev is quite happy I must go watch him.

Mohini says the number of times I advised you to control your bliss,if Chanakya know about this we’ll be in trouble,bheemdev states I lost hands and beg you speak to me in this tone,Mohini says missing control you murdered her,how do you,Chandra says assist me if you would like to and chokes her and states or leave,Mohini says I’ll help and states do not worry we’ll handle this human body and hide it and anyways it is Chandras body but did anybody see you receive her Chandra nods no.mohini says great let us hide her body.

Chandra informs physician,she’s imaging distinct matters,physician asks for example,nanisni says that I visit red faced monkey,physician says alright I want her bloodstream,may be somebody has blended something inside her food,Nandini says that I see nobody,I am good,Chandra says we will need to treat you do not move,Chandra confuses Nandini stating her nose is crooked and physician gradually takes her blood samples,Chandra says that your nose is nice let us proceed,Nandini says maharaj has headache too give him medication,Chandra says I am fine let us go.he,Ina says I want to alter the trials until they discover anything.



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