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ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 10 MARCH 2021: Swanand says excellent news,it is time to strike,Amartya says that our military is prepared also,swanand says inform them it is time to strike, Magads fresh and accurate king is forthcoming.
Mohini sees Chandra speaking to Chanakya and states god did acharya return,and contains Bheemdev dropped it,how do I speak to him such as this does not he know who he’s speaking to.

Chandra states acharya you’re older,your brains have ceased working,becoming retired,Chanakya says Chandra,Chandra says that no I’ve only begun do you understand I had been spending quality time with my spouse but how do you understand that,you have not spend anytime with household,you’re older,spend some time is not them.
Chandra claims nobody takes me seriously and walks off in anger.chnakaya says how do you not wish to see mepersonally, Chandra says I am king,chnakaya states I understand that,but cant you see Magad men and women are against you personally and what’s mor eimportant than that,Chandra states that are you,I do not need to answer one,I am spending quality time,do not make me insult,Nandini states maharaj please,Chanakya says you are insulting mepersonally, Chandra says closed up Nandini and yes acharya allow me to show you the way excitably you subject to me personally.

Mohini states Bheemdev has dropped it,chnakaya state sthankuou for all this regard maharaj,I never dreamt of the and I swear you will regret this and that I will not stay here ,I will not be here,” Chandra says great you arekevaing in your I will throw you away since you spoilt my nighttime,today leave I do not want to see your face.

Magad men and women join against Chandra,Chanakya disguised among them is confusion regarding what Chandra has done that’s made them upset. Chandra and Mohini Hear angry people and stand contrary to Chandra and are extremely joyful,Mora and other household members are in surprise,Helina states might be something similar to that which he did in Sabha he did with folks also,Bindusara says I want to check,Helina believes now I am quite Chandra is ill emotionally and this is appropriate time and that I must make the most of throne Bindusara as king.

Chanakya believes this thing is extremely serious and inquires guard to telephone Chandra. Nandini walks into the room believing this is for the son you need to take action,chandra awaiting her and states didn’t fool me so I can spare Bindusara an did so is so I need yummy ,Nandini walks into,Chandra walks into Nandini and then shuts the door,Nandini is quite fearful,Chandra says Nandini I presumed you won’t encounter but I am so pleased to have you , also touches her,Nandini steps off and thinks it is so incredible that he’s same Chandra that made me realise I’m his,I sensed a relationship then does his signature feel so weird today.
Dharma says I understand what occurred in Sabha was incorrect,but I don’t have anything to do with it, rather I went to inform maharaj the fact you’d concealed,I moved and asked him to give you your place ma understood about it,and this also demonstrates that maharaj is unwell,Bindusara states this is you and your Nandini ma’s strategy,she constantly behind her own relatives,Dhrama says sufficient,just how can you be so bitter about her, and she loves you over your mother,she’s approved maharajs suggestions to devote night to spare youafter understanding maharajs mental health is not good,this might be harmful for her,rather than enjoying her you despise her and Dhrama leaves.

Chandra states Mohini that is appropriate time we ought to tell king swanand around Magad individuals being mad and it is right time to strike,Mohini says you’re correct but you allow Bindusara free. Chandra says really Nandini had come to me and that I set a state she must pay a night,Mohini says this only to,Chandra says it is only a behave,I did so so I could take revenge for this medication and around Bindusara I could jail him Mohini says okay I will go and notify maharaj swanand and believes I without any motive doubt on him and leaves.chandra believes it is really easy to fool Mohini and it was essential to send you away so I could spend time together with Nandini.

Chandra state sno Bheemdev what do you really do,this to devote night with Nandini,god I need to take assistance from Mohini.

Nandini says maharaj he’s the ace see him,he’ll be angry differently, Chandra dismisses Nandini and chooses her dupatta off and gets on mattress,Chanakya is halted by guardshe calls Chandras name loudly,Chandra gets really angry and states why doesn’t one let me invest a good time and follows my own rule,Nandini says calm down, and I will await you.
Bindusara states no manners,until I am living nothing of the will happen.charumtai gives adorable grin.

Chandra states Nandini what’s that occurring, all were scared of meyou are so bizarre,I do not find that confidence on mind,Nandini says you left them act this way,Chandra says I never did this,Nandini asks what is the very last thing you recall,Chandra says we’re on patio and you’re going to say something then I do not recall,Nandini informs him everything that occurred,Chandra says no way,I could do so to you or anybody,Nandini says you did,maybe not me you insulted acharya,your ace,you did not leave anybody,you spent a night with Mohini and when that is the truth then I am pleased to become Savitri and do not beg na be your spouse.

Charumati believes if I’ll give bindusara his original infant,how will dharmas kid be king. Chandra about to see Chanakya matches dadi and Bhadra on his manner and greets themthey ignore him leave,he matches Helina,she provides him cold looks and leaves also,Chandra believes why are they acting so bizarre.

Bheemdev believes the acharya is quite smart,he’ll get to thickness today,why did I shout at him and where’s my body,allow me to speak to Mohini but where’s she,Bheemdev gets off the entire body,also enters his body.bheemdev states Mohini this cave,also did not we determine that I won’t come out until we reach out assignment,Mohini says since you’ve missed it,why would you cope with Chanakya,Bheemdev says you’re now what is going to do,Mohini says remain here and that I shall go and check in mahal,Bheemdev states you rather than mepersonally, Mohini states have you lost it, do not you recall youas Chandra gave order that Bheemdev should not enter Magad.
Chandra says give me headache massage which will assist me,Nandini says okay and does this,Chandra inquires Nandini are you currently having medications punctually are you feeling,Nandini believes hear out this,he’s unwell and inquires if I am fine.

Chandra sees Chanakya and states it is significant for you to spare me a time,Chandra says Nandini is acting wired she imagines events and queries regarding them,Chanakya believes what’s that now and states but Nandini was nice once we met ,Chandra states acharya we fulfilled when you left search for Amartya and swanand,Chanakya says fine Chandra go break,Nandini is going to be OK,I’ll look into this issue and believes Nandini was something is wrong with him.

Mohini sees them says Nandini is really near himI cant let this happen. Chandra believes we’re on patio and today,allow me to speak with her sweetly and states what occurred last night tell me that I do not recall,Nandini says that I do not understand,and I understand you do not have any hassle it’s your action to get close for me,Chandra believes may be she has not healed yet and is worried,I must speak to Acharya about this.

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