ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 2 MARCH 2021:Chandra says that he will do the decoration and proceed to perform. Nandini laughs. Chandra messes everything but believes everything is done ideal. Just then Chandra realise his error. Dadi says Nandini might need to make kheer for her punishment. Nandini laughs. Chandra inquires why did she chose up the blame on her behalf. She states Maharani, sheis a spouse and do not like anybody blaming her husband since his pride is hers. Chandra inquires is it ? She says a one is searching. He states Dadi ma went. She states not Dadi ma however devi ma. Both smiles. Bindusar believing of Dharma. Bindusar says that he hates Dharma and discussions and on. Bindusar lets him move. Second scene, Chandra abruptly enters the space. Mohini comes close to him believing he’s Bhim dev inside. Chandra wards her away stating how indisciplined behave this is. Mohini gets fearful. Chandra claims to wake Bhim dev because he wishes to talk to him. He check the heartbeat and says he’s dead and asks her in anger that murdered him. Mohini scared. Chandra laughs and states, she could not identify him and he’s Bhim dev. Mohini says that he does behaving nicely.


She asks what’s his next movement? He replies, he’s likely to Nandini’s area as he wishes to badname Chandra. He chooses some letters . He calls for her Savitri. Nandini gets perplexed. She inquires, he just made her feel that she’s his Nandini and why he phoning her Savitri. He says at a wierd way he states he obtained these letters that she had composed to Bhim dev earlier there union. On this time Nandini was together with him. He understands that she’s Savitri. Nandini states, these letters could be fake too. However, as he’s fallen in love with her face, this may remain a secret between them and if anybody else comes to understand about it then he’ll kill them. Chandra in Bhim dev’s voice believe he very well understood Nandini will come to prevent him. Nandini believes she might need to hit Mohini and Bhim dev’s area through covert route before Chandra could arrive. Just sad thing is currently his Nandini is going to part out of him and believes poor Nandini got scared seeing actual face of Chandra and laughs evily. Nanidni walks into Mohini and states wake bheemdev maharaj is on his way,Mohini says he’s asleep,nanidni says fast,Mohini behaves as though she’s waking up him,nanidni says fast,Mohini believes god whose body is bheemdevs soul in or can it be bheemdev in Nandinis body and that he is only trying to gets me. Bindusara inquires Charumati says wake up and develop together with, she asks wherehe says no queries come. Bindusara states dharma, you chose oath that you may do anything to keep me happy so I’d love to devote some time together with my spouse and thus you’ll make arrangements,and you’ll do all of the work and no dasi,Charumati states and yes do not overlook his favorite alcohol, Charumati believes I had been without any motive concerned about both becoming close,seem Bindusara wishes to spend time together,Nandini states Mohini please wake up him,Mohini says wake up bheemdev, bheemdev says I want to sleep,Mohini says seem Savitri is here,bheemdev says walks and what into Nandini,Nandini says maharaj is about such a way please leave your daily life is at risk. Helina says Chandra I watched Nandini go so overdue to bheemdev space and I am not lying, but will you trust me,you’re blindly in love with Nandini and if you do not trust me you can check yourself. Nanidni states Mohini please take him away and proceed,bheemdev retains her hands and says why are you really fearful I’ll fight for you,but maybe not lose you,Nandini finds it strange if he holds her hands, Helina states Chandra in case you do not believe me check bheemdev space,Chandra says okay and Helina I’ll punish you when your information is untrue. Mohini states Savitri when maharaj is here for our husbands lifestyle where’s heor she bheemdev says might be he realised it is of no use to fight for somebody else’s wife and ceased,Nandini says I shall try get help until then please shut the door and leaves. Bindusara and Charumati on mattress,dhrama functions them alcohol and going to depart, Bindusara says you cant move,you might be my spouse for people but for me you’re my dasi,dhrama states I have not forgotten anything but you stated you wanted to spend time with your spouse and therefore you have to be on your sense, not get drunk,Bindusara gets mad,Charumati says calm down do not waste time . Charumati says forget , look at me, in my eyes you may see only love for me personally,dharma sees them through mirror and Bindusara looking at her,Charumati feels awful and states dharma escape and pushes her away,dhrama says I don’t have any interest in remaining here but my husband needs me to remain here,Bindusara states chaurumati she will remain here,” Charumati says it is our wedding night and that I do not want her Bindusara says you’re questioning me,Charumati states no I did not indicate that,seem she’s like these black tounge women, her parents died when she was born and now that I do not have her evilness on the relation,Bindusara asks dharma to depart.

Bheemdev enters Chandras body and Chandra says there’ll be warfare,malayketu states but we can take care of this in reassurance,Chandra states you’ll question Chandragupta,malayketu states no I am here to inform you parvatak is awaiting Bhadraketu and Chitra therefore I want to carry him away,Chandra says alright,malayketu leaves,bhadra states mamashree I do not need to depart Magad and you ,Chandra pulls him close and says you can not shoot my sons put and strikes him,Bhadra states mamahsree this is not something,Chandra says I will sentence you to death bcoz you wed his bride get misplaced.
Dharma falls from the measures. Karthikay conserves her and brings her into space. Bindusar misunderstands them is mad up on these.
Nandini performing pooja preparations. He states his hands got burnt when he attempted to rescue her and did not detect it. Nandini scolds him applies medication.


Chandra in conversation,malayketu and Bhadra walks ,Bhadra agrees to this conclusion by mantriji and states yes we shouldn’t get in warfare and proceed together with the aspect of peace.
Nanidni says call me Savitri because a time until you’re in my area and attempting to convince me Savitri and proceeded in anger with sword to kill himChandra says seem I am without sword and might be it was a nightmare and you want to rest come I’ll accompany to your own room,nanidni states that you don’t need to and leaves. Charumati walks into dhrama in temple also states I could not sleep last night,Bindusara did not allow me to sleep entire night but look at you,you’re his spouse too but unlucky you,you may never be his spouse and Magads prince I’ll offer him,dhrama states it is history Bindusara is durdhara son and Chandragupta enjoys nanidni,Charumati says exactly what exactly do you mean,dharma says nothing I don’t have any interests in anybody of the,and is the love sufficient,Charumati says he’s my childhood friend and also this pooja thali does not seem good on your hand,everybody walks and dadi says somebody call Bindusara he’ll perform arti together with dharma. Charumati states but dadi in the event that you do not mind I’ll perform arti together with Bindusara and fats also,even Bindusara would desire so,Bindusara walks and claims Charumati dharma can take action,hand her the thali.helina nods Charumati yes,she’s quite upset. Dhrama and Bindusara quite upset,pooja happens and Panditji provides all married ladies sindoor, Helina states nanidni you have to be so Ci fused whose title sindiir you need to wear sindoor Chandra or bheemdev,just how miserable I feel your pain.

Bindusara drops asleep,Charumati tries wake him up but he does not and states what may occur I shall give Magad its new king,you’ll have your son via me.Nandini stops Chandra and states that I will not allow you to enter his room and kill himChandra inquires whose space and ,Nandini states bheemdev,Chandra inquires why would I kill himand did not I ask you to not visit bheemdev space and in the event that you won’t follow principles how will other people,Nandini inquires why are you phoning me Nandini,Chandra inquires what if I then.


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