ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 4 MARCH 2021: Chandra is advised by physician that there’s no medication in her blood,might be there’s inner harm in Brain so this,so may be there’s yet another condition there might be blood ailments and this might else to departure,Chandra states please rescue my Nandini,physician says I shall search for the cure until then keep Nandini happy.

Chandra at humam says I must mention something to impress her,might be a joke,but that I know none,allow me to presume some thing,bheemdev gets in to his own body,Chandra calls Mohini,and asks where’s Nandini,Mohini says patience she needs to be on her way,Mohini and Chandra measure in bathtub,and she gets romantic with Chandra,Chandra states you’re taking advantage of the action,Mohini says I am only making it sensible,Nandini walks in and Chandra brings her near,Nandini is stunned,Chandra states come Savitri,what is wrong she’s the measure and enjoy your sister,so what is wrong.

Chandra states Nandini I’ve headache please assist,Nandini inquires where is she where have you concealed her,Chandra asks what is wrong,Nandini states Mohini,you where hugging so tight,Chandra state sits mental stress I presume,I had been lonely,Nandini in tears states I was not imagining encounter me I’ve evidence,and also take shim into bheemdev and Mohini and inquires Mohini where you maybe not with Chandra,Mohini says no I had been with bheemdev,Nandini says quit lying I watched you with my eyes,Mohini states Savitri,also seems at bheemdev and states you hope her fine slap me, I admit I had been really rude with her ,look at her, bheemdev I adore you,and she’s doing so to me,kill me rather than

Bheemdev says Nandini will not recall she’s Nandini,Mohini says it had been really so fantastic to become Chandragupta,bheemdev says do not loose yourself and recall it is a really important night for us,we all will need to be present in the role or else we shall under suspicion. Nandini becoming ready and considering all of the cases at which Chandra told her she’s Savitri and his proximity with Mohini,Nandini begins yelling I am not Savitri,also states might be that is the fact I am Savitri and I really like maharaj so I am not accepting it,it is so perplexing,at time he’s just like a stranger and other times like that I understand him for decades,that will I discuss my troubles with,who’ll help me from this,yes I’d like to speak to her,she’ll assist me.

Bindusara exercising,girls watching him says that his wives are so blessed,dharma walks into him,and women say seem she’s at his own dupatta,Bindusara hears cuts and this dharmas way,dhrama inquires why are you in my own way Bindusara,Bindusara says it is my dupatta take off it,she sees girls seeing and states can I eliminate dupatta here,this isn’t the ideal time,and that I won’t eliminate,Bindusara lighting the dupatta,mora sets off it,and states stop it you ,nobody will be advantageous with this despise make it Bindusara,he depart sin anger, and mora says that he seems stubborn but is not in real,he had a difficult childhood,he dropped durdhara and Nandini and so that annoyance.
Bindusara wakes up,” he states that this dharma is so stubborn that she has not come to space last night,now I will teach her a lesson,” Charumati comes in plays his aarti and fantasies him dashera,Bindusara states Charumati for me just you’re significant but where’s that dasi dhrama how can she leave with my permission,Charumati states why fuss about her,you alter when she’s close to you,and where she is you should not be affected,you’re Magad would be king, so let her be someplace like a crap,Bindusara says her existence makes me feel as though suspicious and she’s so stubborn so I’ll teach her lesson also asks dasi to acquire dharma.

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Mohini within her area,bheemdev walks into her and says wow you looking really beautiful now who’s the goal,Mohini states Chandra I mean that I must again go close to him,be with himwhich will make our strategy our game much more realistic,bheemdev says I am prepared,Mohini believes so I’m to be with Chandra.

Dharma finds the two guys sent by Gurudev talk their strategy to kill Acharya about the afternoon of dasherathey visit dhrama and accompany her, and kidnap dhrama,they opt to place dharma in Ravan idol in order that there secrete stays hidden plus they do not need to take care of dharma.

Dasi advises Bindusara that dharma is not anywhere,she is not in mahalnor any 1 saw here depart mahal,Bindusara states what did she vanish,go away I will look in to it.
Gurudev says the mission would be to kill Chanakya,also when you fail, I’ll kill you,Chanakya is my main obstacle,Chandragupta is going to be dealt with by bheemdev and Mohini however Chanakya that he is quite smart and until he’s alive,Chandragupta can’t be dethroned, so kill Chanakya, I wish to see him dead,catch his dead body .

Mohini says we simply stored.

Nandini inquires what’s that,did anything occur,Mohini says its mineNandini inquires maharaj what’s the woman doing here,Mohini state sits time to show the facts and don’t stop me,also says I had been here to beg him to discharge you,I cant watch bheemdev in pain ,Chandra says she is my Nandini rather than Savitri.

Chandra walks into Nandini,Nandini states maharaj please leave me alone,Chandra states why are you acting this way,Nandini says are not you making any strategies for handling bheemdev and Mohini,chandra says sufficient Nandini,Nandini states please depart maharaj,Chandra says sorry I should not have raised my voice but what is,Nandini states please leave me alone,Chandra says alright but will you help me,I am having backache,will you please massage me,Nandini says ok I want to get petroleum,Chandra says maybe not here,I mean as you stated if somebody sees us together in your area it’ll be odd,let us meet in humam in case if anybody sees they’ll understand that you’re helping me assist,Nandini says alright,Chandra believes this way I will spend time together with Nandini along with her head is going to be redirected.

Both guys enter mahal,dhrama is concealed the vessels, so they distract guards stating somebody has asked everybody to collect there,all gaurs and Dasi depart,the guys,tie dharma into a log meeting and set her within the Ravan idol.
Mohini into bheemdev says remember Chanakya is here when he discovers us it will be all completed afterward,Mohini states why not kill Chandra when in Chandras body and it’s going to be just like a suicide,bheemdev slaps Mohini and states utilize your brains then my spirit is going to be immobilized,and today we’ll utilize Nandinis hate for you,we’ll plot you and Chandra are in affair,Mohini says good storyline,this event news kills a girls,and Nandini is going to be ripped in pain.

Nandini within her grief,Mohini within her ideas about being near Chandra and says I am enjoying this action,and says there is something in Chandragupta,this is the reason why all women are supporting him,Mohini has dropped him and will have plenty of fun.


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