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ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 8 MARCH 2021: Chandra goes into bheemdev and states let us swap and you input Chandras body and your body is going to soon be locked in this area and secrets will be with Chandra that’s you. Mohini gets back inside her own body and Bheemdev to Chandras.

Nandini considering Chandra and is in tears,Nandini says why are you bothering me,physician falls to Nandini and says I am sorry to upset, I had been fearful of maharaj so did not mention a word and here’s the medication he’s seriously ill.
Everybody collectively,adornus states each human body is wed and you make fun of me,dadi states come to me,I’ll speak to Chandra and shortly you’re wed,Chandra pushes Bheemdev facing these,Bheemdev states maharaj please do not do so,you’ve taken one of my spouse and other also,Chandra says I am king and will do anything else,Dadi says this behavior is not great, but Chandra says do not tell me exactly what to do,Bhadra states mamashree how are you speaking to dadi,Chandra kills him and says hello I’d thrown out you but you are here,and I want to warn if anybody goes against my principles that I will create hell of his lifetime and leaves.nandini states I apologies on his own act,this is precisely what I was hoping to communicate,his psychological state is becoming serious,I’ve called physicians,until then please bare him. Nanidni walks into Chandra and believes I should not talk that disturbs him,and states you’re here I was searching for you everywhere,and are you currently having and hassle allow me to offer you massage and it is like you’re behaving weird nowadays and so I’ve called physician,Chandra says you’re right,I cant take conclusions too I cant get over the fact that you’re Nandini or Savitri, please assist me Nandini,Nandini says yes we’ll visit doctor and she’ll treat you,Chandra holds her tight and states you wish to show me psychological right,this really is your strategy with Bheemdev but that I will not allow you to win and compels her outside with him.

Bindusara into dharma says who will you take decisions for me personally,dhrama states you’re drunk leave me Bindusara says I will not take Yuvraj article,since I cant accept the reality that it is you who’ll ask him to provide me this article and I shall go and refuse in my, I do not wish to become Yuvraj.

Chandra is perplexed as to why he can’t recall meeting Chanakya. Chandra matches Nandini and believes to not tell anything. Mohini believes she can’t stay far from Chandra anymore.

Bheemdev believes she shouldn’t understand when he had been in Chandra’s body that he had consumed alcohol. Mohini believes that Bheemdev shouldn’t come to understand about her coming near Chandra.Mohini informs him that they ought to end their play shortly. Bheemdev asks her if she has any strategy. Mohini asks Bheemdev to input Chandra’s body after which she’ll tell her strategy. Chandra believes that Nandini may worry for him and he must discover himself. Chandra informs Nandini he had a fantasy that she came to him. Chandra asks if his fantasy will come true. Nandini informs she can’t say anything. Chandra is quite confused with previous episodes. Chandra believes he is behaving like two distinct men and women. Chandra wonders why he can’t recall his conversation with Chanakya. Mohini attempts to seduce him. Mohini wonders why he’s acting this way. Chandra informs soldiers to take away her. Helena comes there and inquires Bindusar how come the both of them weren’t in the palace past night. Bindusar claims that Panditji requested them to return. Helena asks Dharma to depart as she must speak to Bindusar. Helena informs Bindusar that Chandra is behaving weird and he awakened her. Bindusar says she’ll speak to Chandra. Helena tells Bindusar they will remove Chandra in the throne. Bindusar says that he can’t do anything. Helena gets mad and says this is the ideal time.

Helena says that the folks of Magadh shouldn’t know about Chandra going mad. Bindusar says that he will do anything she says but that he doesn’t do this. Bindusar claims that the people won’t respect him whether he overthrows his father.Helena believes that she’ll produce the location for a different throne. Chandra informs Mohini he will throw her in prison. Bheemdev matches Mohini in prison and asks why he murdered her. Bheemdev states he attempted a great deal but he couldn’t input Chandra’s body.Chandra believes to speak to Nandini relating to this. Chandra claims that Mohini isn’t a fantastic woman. Bheemdev states he had made a vow that he won’t go near Mohini until he receives Savitri. Chandra agrees to forgive Mohini and inquires Bheemdev to not allow Mohini come near him.

Nandini says why are you grinning,Chandra says you’re my Nandini,you’ve got those small things alive,it is our emotions which are still living,Nandini attempt memorising your previous,Nandini says I’m,Chandra says inform me I am interested,Nandini states be patient until tonight and that I will present your present tonight,Helina walks in tensed,also states I am here to chat about Bindusara,Chandra asks what is wrong with him,Helina claims that the matters is,Bindusara has been contested,you’d declared him potential king but it’s being postponed it is time you must declare him Yuvraj,Nandini says she’s correct,he’s quite good boy and will be a terrific king beforehand,Chandra says this choice is a Kings rather than a fathers,and this place was removed on petition of dharma and therefore till asks me I will not.

Helina believes that means I must step dharma from it. Nandini talks to dharma,also states see we’ve seen a number of variations of him and I cant think it wa shim who’d completed this,and he’s the correct candidate of Yuvraj and so go speak to maharaj,also Bindusara is the husband also,so forget that previous and proceed ahead and so provide all a chance,Charumati listening to this and believes if she does this they will get nearer and that I cant let this happen so I must do something instead of becoming shut Bindusara hates her. Mohini inquires Bheemdev is anything operating,Bheemdev states no nothing is functioning,Mohini says attempt recalling is there anything which may help us,what’s it that’s preventing usBheemdev says seems like he’s wearing so thread or taveej by god and that is preventing usMohini says recall the entire scene once you entered time,Bheemdev says Chandra was in temple and that I entered his body afterward I was drunk then slapped Helina,Mohini states you drank quit doing this,Bheemdev claims that the alcohol was quite tempting I will take good care next time,Mohini says this means it is not youpersonally, who had been with maharaj in temple,Bheemdev states Nandini,Mohini says that I know what I must do,Bheemdev states Chandra has cautioned me do not move near himpersonally, Mohini says I’ll and leaves. Chandra revives a letter from Nandini to watch him terrace,Mohini walks ,Chandra says escape did not your husband tell you I do not wish to se sufficient,Mohini begins crying and says that I beg of you please forgive me,also drops in Chandras leg and also checks his thighs,Chandra gets annoyed and states that I forgive you please leave,Mohini sees a ribbon into his hands and believes so that this is preventing Bheemdev from penetrating his body,and thank you and I guarantee that I will not near you, Mohini behaves as though she’s slipping,Chandra retains her hands,Mohini takes off the ribbon,Chandra asks Mohini to depart. Charumati states Bindusara will you forget me once you’ll soon be thrones Yuvraj,Bindusara says exactly what can you mean,” Charumati you’ll be Yuvraj if dharma will forgive you and you will have soft corner for her and neglect ,Bindusara says exactly what crap is that,she states I heard that,you won’t be Yuvraj until you won’t regret dharma,its about her desire if you’ll be Yuvraj or never,and should you fall for her, then you may forget ,so I’m questioning you,Bindusara says quit asking dumb questions,I’ll despise dharma until my last breathe and leaves in anger. Mohini states Bheemdev look that this is the ribbon,Bheemdev says today allow me to enter his own body,Mohini states no cease,we will need to do some thing for more time,we will need to maintain his body until we reach our assignment,such as things we did for brief span did not have a lot of effect,Everybody believed he’s lost his mental wellness,Bheemdev states but our entire body,Mohini states for this we will need to work from mahal,Bheemdev states I understand one location,Mohini claims this time I will enter his own body,should I vanish nobody will wonder but if you do that would be evident,Bheemdev inquires but what is the plan,Mohini says wait and see. Chandra states Nandini I understand you’re close by concealing come on,Nandini states you’re a king cmon find me,Chandra says I am a king do not do so or I will punish,Nandini says I am not scared of you might be you’ll reward me rather than penalizing,Chandra says I want to find you afterward I will let you know,Chandra finds Nandini and states this luminous face,and tell me,Nandini claims that sense I have with you,I do not understand exactly what it is,Mohini enters Chandra body,Nandini says my heart begins beating fast when you’re near me and Nandini turns around and sees Chandra walking off.

Mohini at humam,Helina states Nandini says you certain maharaj requested to try it,dasi walks into Helina and states that you have to use this on Mohinis body it is maharajs purchase,Nandini states see we don’t have any choice let us proceed,Mohini says wow Helina you’re so tender,seems like you’ve not worked before employ stress,Helina says about your own neck,Mohini says later tonight,he’ll be mine and become accustomed to this you will need to do so daily,Helina states Mohini cease dreaming only 1 night an dyiu is going to be taken as spouse,you won’t remain here for long,Mohini says let us see and this crown will be quite pretty and if you groom me this out me over,Helina says when Chandra learns about this he’ll kill you.

Dharma states Bindusara let me move to my own room,Bindusara drunk says I am your husband follow my requests,dharma states but I have important function,Bindusara says nothing could be more important than me,dhrama believes if he does not allow me to move how do I fulfill my friend and discover the fact,Bindusara says I hate you and for me it is very good to know that you hate me too and trust me you will observe that most of me should you dare to depart.

Bindusara consuming alcohol, adornus walks thinking what is wrong should I inform him concerning pitahshree and inquires bhaiya why are you drinking so much did pitahshree did something to youpersonally, Bindusara says does he have time to get me personally he does not care for me,do I exist or not,what gives me pleasure and what not,he’s so active in his lifetime,he does not care about mepersonally, I do not wish to become Yuvraj,adornus says what’s that inform me bhaiya,Bindusara says it is like dharma will determine whether I’ll be Yuvraj rather than,and that I do not want her shame,and that is she to decide concerning me personally,adornus states bhaiya enough inform pitahshree it had been me rather than one who had uttered,dhrama listening to this is shocked,Bindusara states no adornus pitahshree will punish you and that I really don’t need anyone’s pity,adornus states bhaiya please move break you’re drunk and leaves,dharma states why did my friend lie .

Nandini and Helina do begin decorating,Mohini states these overly helped me dressed now,Chandra says let us award them Mohini inquires and my own award,Chandra says ask me for whatever and it is yours,Mohini claims this crown is indeed lovely,Chandra states Mohini this crown is composed of mukhya maharani,it’s numerous duties,directly Helina and carries it off and gives it into Mohini and states if you enjoy it wear it and sets it around Mohini,and hugs her, then guard walks in and says there’s a letter out of acharya.

Informer informs Chanakya who swanand and Amartya are around some military and shortly will strike on Magad,chankaya state sthis is not time to locate them go Magad and find a method. Helina requires the scroll down and going to see it,Chandra snatches it,Helina says what’s that,Chandra says do not you recall I gave your summit to Mohini so she’ll have all police now and be grateful that I am pleased or else,also burns off the letter and states that this acharya consistently pops at incorrect moment,Nandini and Helina leave.
Chandra goes into physician with Nandini and states tell me if I am fine rather than,physician says you’re good,Nandini look I am nice and you now and Helina will make arrangements for my new spouse and there’ll be no flaws and leaves.




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