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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 45 Recap



Wen Ruxue followed closely Dai Xixi to take wedding photographs. Dai Xixi watched President Teng at a direct match, her eyes suddenly reddened, and she guessed how great the arrangement was facing her. Wen Ruxue saw something was wrong with her hurriedly discovered an excuse to haul her . Aside. Wen Ruxue invited her to escape the union and promised to assist her with all of her power. Dai Xixi could not bear to think about what Teng had done .

Dai Xixi wear her favourite wedding gown. It had been Wen Ruxue snatching the job from the programmer to choose another party to the contest. Dai Xi hoped she had been at the mirror, but she had been happy in any way. Not getting up, Wen Ruxue followed her active schedule, Dai Xixi kindly encouraged Wen Ruxue to combine Jimu, she’d already made a decision to become Chen Jiaqian’s spouse, also Dai Xixi no more reluctantly.

I overlooked a great deal of time together with my dad. Li Wensen regretted losing Ding Huiqiao, he made a decision to draw from Wei Hotel and reunite the position of general director to Ding Huiqiao. Li Wensen would like to visit Spain to see a match after leaving his job. Ding Huiqiao doesn’t need him to go too long, otherwise he’ll be missing a fantastic competitor like him.

Now is your day when both parents fulfilled. President Teng’s parents gave the organization’s stocks to Dai Xixi. Even as a dowry gift for her, Dai Xixi didn’t dare to take such a huge talent, along with also her father persuaded her to take it. Both parents discussed the specifics of the weddingday. They spoke in full swingbut Dai Xixi could not hear a note.

Before he left, he requested Dinghui Bridge to fulfill about the Ferris wheel at the entertainment park. He expected that Dinghui Bridge would provide him five decades. When the time comes, the two of these are unmarried and live together. Ding Huiqiao was transferred by his sincerity.

Ding Huiqiao awakened early in the afternoon and discovered that Li Wensen’s daddy Li Zhongzheng had passed off. Li Wensen was lonely as a protector for his daddy. Ding Huiqiao stood without hesitation, softly accompany him to thank his own relatives and friends who came to the funeral. . Afterwards, Ding Huiqiao followed closely Li Wensen to Look after the funeral. Ding Huiqiao recalled that her dad had left abruptly, and didn’t see the previous side. regret.

Wen Ruxue is quite ill with morning sickness, Ding Huiqiao sees her she isn’t great in cooking, and she persuades Wen Ruxue to obtain a nanny to protect against the kid within her gut from being wronged. She also spent with Wen Ruxue.

Dai Xixi arrived to visit President Teng. He had been planning a speech at the marriage. Dai Xixi was dumb to disrupt. Shen Kuo ready a massive bag of unique products for pregnant women for Wen Ruxue, whining that Wen Ruxue didn’t understand what’s bad or good, and missed this type of peerless guy like Bai Xiangwen, however Wen Ruxue disapproved.
Ding Huiqiao came to Li Wensen for a showdown, and persuaded him to devote whenever possible, otherwise he’d submit the proof that Sa Sa gave her into the men and women in the group firm. Wen Ruxue arrived at Chen Jiaqian’s studio and found it had been recently decorated and well handled.

Dai Xixi packs up and prepares to proceed to the home that President Teng purchased for her. She’s reluctant to depart. Wen Ruxue has helped Dai Xixi personalize the invitation cardand casually asked if she’d like to ship Duan Xu. Dai Xixi didn’t wish to watch Duan Xu on her marriage. . When Duan Xu watched the information of Dai Xixi and Mr. Teng getting married at the group of friends, he had been really uneasy.
Since his parents Li Wensen considered his father as a pulling oil jar. He didn’t know his dad was afflicted by cancer. Until this afternoon, Li Wensen along with his mom suddenly met from the hotel. His mom didn’t dare to openly admit their mother-child relationship.
Chen Jiaqian chose the team to thank Wen Ruxue because of his cultivation.

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