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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 44 Recap



Bai Xiangwen was still sitting in house in a daze. Her mum unexpectedly found watch and learned he and Wen Ruxue experienced dropped out. Wen’s mum whined that Bai Xiangwen failed to honor Wen Ruxue’s emotions and didn’t not provide her ample awareness of freedom and security. Dai Xixi persuaded Wen Ruxue to custody.

Wen Ruxue had left her mind up to never permit them to share with Bai Xiangwen the facts of these maternity.
Dai Xixi questioned Wen Ruxue to greatly simply help her organize her marriage and Wen Ruxue even wished to re sign. She agreed and unearthed Dai Xixi wasn’t joyful in any way. Dai Xixi refused President Teng’s household and picked just small house since her magic formula foundation. Even though President Teng strove his very best to get her joyful, Dai Xixi strove difficult to feign to be joyful, however she wasn’t joyful in any way. Wen Ruxue invited her to handle her authentic self and also think concerning herself. Just how long does it survive?

Shen Kuo delivered Wen Ruxue into the Civil Affairs Bureau. Bai Xiangwen was awaiting in the doorway . He maintained Wen Ruxue closely and persuaded to select divorce attentively. Wen Ruxue dragged him to the doorway of this Civil Affairs Bureau. The team tracked the customary clinic. Wen Ruxue denied to just simply accept that the mediation. She signed up the deal, also Bai Xiangwen experienced to register up and also the 2 proceeded throughout the entire divorce methods effortlessly.

She crawled to Bai Xiangwen anyplace, along with also her entire life had been overly drained. Bai Xiangwen invited her to take into account the emotions of her sister and mother. Wen Ruxue believed that Bai Xiangwen desired to drive to despair, then obeyed him. After they moved into Oaklandthey experienced a huge fight whenever they failed to concur.

Wen Ruxue was mad regarding divorce, even Bai Xiangwen resolutely denied to agree,” Wen Ruxue still left no matter of banging the doorway.
At the center of nighttime, Wen Ruxue sat about the face of the road feeling gloomy, also unexpectedly obtained a telephone in Wen’s mum. Wen’s mum informed her to return house and required to beverage jointly. Wen’s mom bitterly persuaded Wen Ruxue to offer Bai Xiangxue an opportunity, Wen Ruxue decrease politely. Wen Xiaoyang,” Dai Xixi and also Ding Huiqiao stood in Wen Ruxue’s do or in the early hours, also strove to convince her to divorce,” however, Wen Ruxue’d chose.

President Teng followed Dai Xixi on to settle on a wedding band, also shot photos immediately. Dai Xixi could not help but consider these scenes once she pressured Duanxu for wed, and also she could not explain to the despair within her heart. President Teng and also Dai Xixi arrived on the scene of this golden shop and watched in a space which Duan Xu had been playing with matches together with Coke, also Mr. Teng chose Coke to purchase lollipops.

Li Wensen and Li Zixue drank Li Zixue ate beef drank glasses that were big, also maintained showing him off that the relaxation and attractiveness of esophageal life. Li Wensen softly discussed visiting with his mommy. Li Zixue was instantaneously dumb, so Li Wensen did not desire to state longer. He found an justification to depart. Li Zifu desired to maintain him for a little while, however Li Wensen appeared still left.

Wen Ruxue desired togo towards the enterprise to step early each early hours, also unexpectedly got a telephone by Mia and heard the online movie clip of Cheng Tianye’s underground garage was subjected. Bai Xiangwen confessed he submitted it over the world wide web also did not desire Wen Ruxue to function as Mia and Cheng all over yet once more.

Amano completed a scapegoat, also Wen Ruxue was annoyed and whined that Bai Xiangwen wasn’t spoke together along with her advance. Bai Xiangwen over and over repeatedly asserted it had been for the advantage. Wen Ruxue failed to purchase it whatsoever and wouldn’t make it possible for Bai Xiangwen to restrain her entire life. Wen Ruxue scolded Bai Xiangwen to get hypocrisy.

Since Bai Xiangwen subjected the scandals involving Cheng Tianye along with Mia,” Cheng Tianye was murdered from the Business. After Wen Ruxue discovered that the press, she moved into the pub to purchase her drunk. Shen Kuo stumbled on follow with her again asked her to return straight back to this series. Wen Ruxue flatly denied. She’d no head and also proceeded .

Wen Ruxue drank a great deal of alcoholic beverages at 1 breath and then moved into the restroom. Furiously throwing up, Shen Kuo delivered to a medical facility and discovered that Wen Ruxue had been not pregnant. Wen Xiaoyang,” Dai Xixi and also Ding Huiqiao hurried to know the facts and heard Wen Ruxue had been not pregnant.

Dai Xixi instructed Duan Xu on her union to Mr. Teng, also that she disclosed that Duan Xu experienced absolutely nothing to do with with Yuanyuan’s mum and also boy friend. Duan Xu was incredibly astonished. She also hadn’t ever thought she realized about any of this. Dai Xixi was extremely transferred. They got their particular at the moment.

Bai Xiangwen sends Wen Ruxue into the train channel to ship Wen Xiaoyang, also Wen Xiaoyang would like to come back to his own team to admit for his mommy. Wen Ruxue came back to the ring along with charge to Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen goes abroad , leaving your house into Wen Ruxue, requesting her to shoot her mommy and also Wen Xiaoyang to call home collectively. Wen Ruxue resolutely refused to simply just accept it.

These days, the collection company delivered visitors towards the Wei lodge for its audit. Sa-sa arrived at the subterranean garage and waited Ding Hui Bridge early each early hours, also introduced that exactly the copy record published from the prior strategy collapse to Ding Huiqiao. It said that Li Wensen licensed the selling of low-cost homes, also sa-sa permit Ding Hui Bridge given across evidence on people of this band firm, and totally dismounted Li Wensen.

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