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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 8 Recap



Xie Hua’s stressed nerves eventually relaxed. Zhou Yue was somewhat guilty after. She believed that if she had not attracted A Xiu into the hospital, then she wouldn’t endure this tragedy.
Each of these had a gloomy reflection on their faces. Lao Bai hurried to the hospital and discovered that Axiu’s daddy, Qiao Qi, pushed Xie Hua, also requested him why he murdered Xie Hua.

Obviously, they could not accept Xie Hua’s passing. He caught Qiao Qi’s collar and defeat him at the hospital, yelling that he must cover his lifetime, but Huo Xiang stopped them. Qiao Qi was emotional for some time, picked the knife up alongside him and wished to commit suicide, and everybody’s expressions changed. Qiao Qi dropped his head, coupled with the effect of alcohol, he scraped Zhou Yue alongside him.

They left a drainage jar outside and handed it on to Zhou Yue. Xie Hua awakened, not seeing clearly, however, he explained he had no significant issues. It took just two hours to the closest rescue group to come. Qiao Yuqian promptly called Qiao Xiangwan for assistance, and Qiao Xiangwan known as the mine and requested someone to assist him.
Not long after Zhou Yue came from their ruins, he committed himself to extreme work , and nearly fainted from exhaustion.

After Liao Yu took the opportunity to assist her, Axiu’s dad brought a bottle of wine into the hospital to generate trouble. Xie Hua clutched his wound to convince A Xiu’s dad, but has been pushed into the floor by way of A Xiu’s dad.
The performance on Axiu’s side has been finished, and Li Tiancheng did the last stitching job and then proceeded to help.

When Li Tiancheng came in the living room, Xie Hua’s heart ceased beating, and they instantly pressed himbut he had no operation. Zhou Yue collapsed, not able to accept Xie Hua’s unexpected death. Everybody sat at the conference area, the area that belonged to Deputy Xie was vacant.

A pregnant girl called Zhou Yue to send her baby. Zhou Yue needed to sort her feelings out, wear a brand new white jacket, and went to work. Li Tiancheng worked on Axiu, Xie Hua was quite stressed and watched. Xiaoliu had an accident at the mine and has been sent straight back into the village. The family requested that the goddess to perform it . After studying that Xiaoliu was into the hospital, the villagers believed he had gone into the hospital and introduced bad spirits.

But the ideal side of the inner vein puncture is very demanding on the operator. Xie Hua can not see clearly, and he could simply rely on Zhou Yue. Though Zhou Yue did several situations, it was a couple of decades back, and she had been somewhat worried that she couldn’t do it nicely. Xie Hua scolded her, and encouraged her to feel she can do a fantastic job. Individuals outside attracted the needle. At length, the puncture was powerful and the neural passing was established.

Following Zhou Yue was prepared, he conducted closed chest drainage to get A Xiu, however a Xiu was in shock, maybe because of internal organ bleeding. Liao Yu requested her to begin fluid replacement, but Zhou Yue couldn’t locate blood vessels for some time. Li Tiancheng explained that subclavian vein puncture could be achieved, but pneumothorax is more likely to happen, and Xie Hua reported that Axiu’s upper left chest wall has been traumatized, which only influenced the puncture. Another method is to decide on the ideal side for inner vein puncture.

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