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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 7 Recap



Xie Hua also thought that she can do better . Zhou Yue simply worshipped him as a teacher, trusting that he can give some guidance on the job later on. Qiao Xiangwan received a call in the Senate because Ann Hawhao composed the arrears. The governor trusted him longer.

Axiu hurried to the warehouse to playwith, which made Zhou Yue and Xie Hua really stressed.

Xie Hua watched Xiaosi’s bracelet along with his students shrank abruptly, but since he had been worried to locate Axiu, he did not bother to inquire Xiaosi necklace where it came out. Zhou Yue and Xie Hua ran to the warehouse to search for A Xiu and watched her squatting and enjoying a windmill alone.

Xie Hua idea of her daughter after she watched her, and remained with Zhou Yue from the warehouse to perform her.
Roy reported that provided that Xie Hua abandoned and Zhou Yue wouldn’t participate in trouble, he wouldn’t move .

Xie Hua went into the supermarket to purchase items, and fulfilled Wu Xin by opportunity. Both sat down and spoke a couple of words. Wu Xin requested about Yishengle. Xie Hua increased his hands and confesses he didn’t do that sort of thing.
Xie Hua reported that lots of things have occurred on the island lately, and he shouldn’t disclose the particulars to Wu Xin.

Li Tiancheng is great at coaxing kids. Including a lollipop with a couple paragraphs makes Xiao Si overlook the pain. Li Tiancheng bought fruitbut he did not understand what Xie Hua’s preference was, therefore he ceased Zhou Yue and requested a couple of words, however, Zhou Yue could not provide the answer he desired.
Ye Hong and Wang Xiaocong put the patient and discovered that Xie Hua and Zhou Yue had gone Axiu but hadn’t returned. At this moment, Zhou Yue, that had been buried beneath the ruins, awakened . She predicted Axiu and Xie Hua, however they didn’t respond.

As Aunt Lan came , Xie Hua given the letter to Aunt Lan, trusting that she would pass it on to Axiu’s daddy. Aunt Lan was going to give birth shortly. Thinking of this opportunity to visit Zhou Yue to provide the infant, Zhou Yue obviously consented. They returned into the hospital and aided Axiu cure the hands injury.

Uncle Wen known as Roy independently to earn a little report.
Qiao Xiangwan was mad when she saw her, therefore that he confessed her error and guaranteed to find a person to spend whenever possible. Xie Hua reluctantly helped the little woman up, tied her a triangle scarf, and opted to take her back into the hospital to get an extensive evaluation, since she suspected she had been fractured or even stern.

Xie Hua and Zhou Yue theorized one after another, however they didn’t have a precise outcome. Xie Hua reported that the next thing that they will need to do would be to affirm as soon as possible that this is really a polio outbreak. Both discovered that Sister Qiao had return and wished to convince her to take the kid to find the vaccine, but Sister Qiao reacted fiercely and drove them from their property.

Kelly Liang is currently busy sorting out of the search benefits. Kelly Liang is quite miserable. Qiao Xiangwan understood this meant that the money spent was at the water, also said a couple of words which made Liang Kaili more mad. She’d said this project was quite pricey.
Struggling to fall , they given the steam lamp to Zhou Yue that had been crushed beneath the rubble. Not long afterwards, Xie Hua also awakened.

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