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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 6 Recap



The placenta can’t be removed normally. She’s in a vital condition and have to undergo surgery to remove her uterus. Shuhui went outside to notify Ann Wanhao and Roy concerning the information. They were quite emotional and didn’t consent to have their uterus removed. Huo Xiang and these made it crystal clear that a decision has to be made whenever possible, differently Anna’s life will be at risk.

In the Exact Same time, Xie Hua directed Zhou Yue to Linshui Village. When they found them coming , the villagers all concealed. Xie Hua reported that this type of scenario happened a year ago. Huo Xiang and Li Tiancheng here requested the director of this maker. They used the excuse to visit the toilet, also overheard the supervisor and many others calling to notify them in the doorway. Xie Hua told Zhou Yue of his own suspect, but his figure was untenable. If the vaccine failsthen the outbreak should break out.

Ann Wanhao and Roy questioned why Li Tiancheng’s title wasn’t written about the registration desk, and it demonstrated he was a physician in the Friendly Hospital. Li Tiancheng stated in a hurry he was a physician in the Friendly Hospital. After Liang Kaili and Huo Xiang watched this, they aided him to lie, and Ann Haowei and Roy appeared to think it.

It’s quite probable that the individual that has something to do with the jolt did it. He’s requested Uncle Wen to select the test, however, the test result hasn’t come out yet. Li Tiancheng suggested to immediately discover the maker of Yishengle, and struck them by surprise, so they can present their toes.

Li Tiancheng stopped speaking, but ultimately didn’t state what he wished to say. Knowing that Li Tiancheng was likely to be the manager of this Friendly Hospital, the governor, who had been worried that nobody would bear the weight, was really happy and promptly sent each of the materials. Qiao Yuqian also expected that Li Tiancheng will remain and requested Ying to fill from the substances for him. If he does not need to reside in a dormitory, he could even reside in his villa.

Zhou Yue caught was halted by Li Tiancheng. Zhou Yue altered the responsibility to Li Tiancheng and said he had promised that the dean, he’d solve the battle involving Huo Xiang and Xie Hua. The patients at the hospital watched the booklet and detained Xie Hua of embarrassing that the Chinese physician. Xie Hua didn’t refute, but he was convinced that something should have occurred with this island, but he wasn’t positive if it had been a jolt, and he had been framed by other people. ,
He eventually agreed to take out the uterus. Shuhui instantly hauled that Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng started to execute complete hysterectomy. Following the surgery, Uncle Wen was somewhat mad.

What Huo Xiang did was to allow Lao Bai remain and demonstrate that the photograph was shot by himbut Lao Bai refused. Huo Xiang could just feel that Xie Hua didn’t abide by the area of the group and ran outside to cause trouble, so that he left it to other people. handle. Xie Huaqiang’s alterations weren’t so straightforward. Take him into the village and have a look. However, Huo Xiang did not care what the facts was supporting it, and both were quarreling.

Xie Hua attracted Lao Bai to clean up his grievances. Afterwards, Zhou Yue attracted Xie Hua and Lao Bai into Huo Xiang. Lao Bai took his cell phone photograph and said he had uploaded Xie Hua’s photograph P without consent, but he refused to return to testify and left his cell phone in a distressed way. hospital.

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