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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 3 Recap



Liao Yu said that he thought Ansa was an uterine scar pregnancy after a cesarean area, similarly as Zhou Yue suspected. The danger of uterine scar pregnancy is no not exactly that of ectopic pregnancy. Zhou Yue believes that eliminating the uterus after cesarean area is the most ideal way, yet Josinti said that the uterus can’t be taken out, on the grounds that in Maree, the uterus is viewed as a lady’s charm. In the event that the uterus is taken out, it is protected. Sha will be separated by her parents in law. Ansha heard some development and immovably couldn’t help contradicting the expulsion of the uterus.

Not just that, she likewise demanded conceiving an offspring easily. Liao Yu speculated that Zhou Yue may have another way, saying that after the cesarean area, the old scar of the uterus ought to be taken out, and afterward the uterus will be fixed. She likewise has an approach to control the blood loss of pregnant ladies to under 500 milliliters. In the wake of tuning in to her, Liao Yu feels that this technique is conceivable both hypothetically and in fact, however the specialist bears a great deal of hazard.

Contrasted and Ansha, Zhou Yue felt that it was nothing to face this challenge. After the water and force cuts, culinary specialist Wu Xin couldn’t utilize power to cook, so he could simply go to the mountains to gather kindling and get back to cook uncooked rice. Wang Xiaocong couldn’t eat it, and griped a couple of words. Xie Hua believed that his awareness should be improved. Wu Xin was not furious, and in the wake of convincing him a couple of words, Wang Xiaocong consented to complete the supper. Zhou Yue revealed to Wang Xiaocong about Qiao Yuqian’s sister, Qiao Yuqian.

After Wang Xiaocong discussed Li Tiancheng’s tattle, he said that the connection between Li Tiancheng, Qiao Xiangwan and Liang Kaili was an adoration triangle, and the medical caretakers said Li Tiancheng was here to hit the scene. of. Qiao Xiangwan sent a great deal of provisions to Youhao Clinic, and Huo Xiang, as the group chief, offered his thanks to him. Exactly when Zhou Yue came over, Huo Xiang acquainted Qiao Xiangwan with Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue had no politeness and straightforwardly requested that Qiao Xiangwan help the blood donation center of the clinic.

Zhou Yue completed the activity of two older ladies and needed to return to rest. Qiao Yuqian discovered that she actually needed to play out the procedure on Ansha, so she vowed to visit Ansha’s home tomorrow. Around evening time, Zhou Yue was ravenous and got up to go to the eatery to eat. Li Tiancheng ended up going to the eatery to get water, attempting to terrify Zhou Yue as a trick, yet she was stunned by covering up under the table.

At the point when the two plunked down to visit, Zhou Yue erroneously imagined that Li Tiancheng was truly here for Kaili Liang, and Li Tiancheng was somewhat dumbfounded, yet he was unable to disclose it to her. Zhou Yue utilized his own insight to convince Li Tiancheng not to be harmed by affection, and afterward expressed a definitive objective. He needs a careful blade for Ansa’s activity. Li Tiancheng is the competitor, and she doesn’t offer Li Tiancheng any chance to deny.

Toward the start of Ansha’s activity, her better half appeared to be apprehensive external the working room. The family should send Ansha toward the Western Locale Medical clinic. In the event that Ansha had any missteps here, the family would constrain him to separate from Ansha. Qiao Yuqian helped him not to stress. Afterward, the youngster was conceived securely and Ansa’s condition was additionally truly steady, then again, actually there was delayed repercussions halfway, and there was a short blackout in the clinic.

Li Tiancheng helped lastly let the activity be finished. Huo Xiang assembled everybody to a conference, however Xie Hua didn’t appear, so Zhou Yue called him. Xie Hua lied that he had the runs and required leave. Zhou Yue was difficult to uncover, and really passed on Xie Hua’s words to Huo Xiang. Huo Xiang was extremely irate, and everybody clarified differently before Huo Xiang let his fire pressure down.

Uncle Wen and Xie Hua have cooperated for quite a while, and they have a profound relationship. Xie Hua is going to leave after the boat sails. Uncle Wen is somewhat hesitant. Xie Hua solaces him that they are siblings forever. Occasionally, Wang Xiaocong went tattle about Huo Xiang with Ye Hong and Liao Yu, and when Xie Hua came, he shut up. Li Tiancheng returned Zhou Yue’s emergency treatment unit. Since discovering that Liao Yu isn’t her beau, Li Tiancheng effectively welcomed Zhou Yue to drive her around, however Zhou Yue reasonably and undauntedly declined.

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