Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 22 Recap


Gnuwen did not drink or eat. John advised him to inform him frankly . The attorney An Fannie made issue with his bodily pain. Finally, John could not help but let his palms locate An Fannie’s details. The medical team chose to perform ideological work about them from house to house, forcing them to vaccinate them.

The medical staff could just return in disappointment, however Ye Hong discovered he enjoyed this challenging life very far, and Zhou Yue also heard a great deal from this tough overseas aid encounter.

When they arrived back from work out, Liao Yu and Zhou Yue discovered that everybody wasn’t there. Wu Xin clarified that Ye Hong was overly tired and proceeded to have a bath . Huo Xiang also spoke to Wang Xiaocong.
Wang Xiaocong reported that there was a earthquake the moment he arrived to Zal Island. Qiao Yuqian comforted himand if he got better, she’d find someone to talk to him and allow him to solve the adverse emotions. Wang Xiaocong was joyful and discovered the chat spouse wasn’t her, and that he looked like a frustrated ball.

Ye Hong and Huo Xiang found something was wrong with himand instantly helped him into the emergency area. Ye Hong was stressed and stressed out, and at once wondered whether Wang Xiaocong had pancreatic cancer.

Huo Xiang and Liao Yu came out following the identification and treatment for their faces were thick, which left Ye Hong believe he actually had any incurable disease. Because of this, everyone found he was suffering from functional constipation, which induced supposed melancholy.

Following Dr. Ruan was shot back into the police station, ” he frankly clarified what he understood. This episode is extremely bombarded. Once exposed, its influence will likely blow off half Zal Island. John revealed Dr. Ruan’s confession into Anfenni and Ganuwen. Anfenni did not seem right and requested to speak to Ganuwen alone. She requested Gnuwen to inform her all of the facts so she can help himbut Gnuwen denied. He believed that nobody will help him in this issue.

The forensic department’s record was issued. The letter of complaint written by imitation Hank utilized the printing newspaper of this Friendly Hospital, and also the printing paper was coated with Gnuwen fingerprints. Evidence proves that the letter has been published using a needle of this Youhao Hospital, and also the review room with a needle printer is ordinarily employed by Gnuwen.

Because of this, the female attorney left the scene below the explanation of bodily pain. In accordance with national law, there’s absolutely not any lawyer present along with the defendant has the right to stay silent. John and his coworkers needed to wait. Zhou Yue didn’t talk to him.
After exploring An Fanny’s family history, John discovered her background is quite complex, and she’s the illegitimate daughter of An Wanhao, but it’s just because of her complex background it is hard to convince her. Dr. Ruan believed he’d actually discovered the secrets between himself and Ganuwen, and eventually decided to describe all of them.

Huo Xiang here was about to speak into Wang Xiaocong, however before he began speaking, Wang Xiaocong was mentally strange, which triggered Huo Xiang and his dialog to collapse from the start. Today Wang Xiao is smart and miserable, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. Huo Xiang desired to telephone Wang Xiaocong’s dad, and Wang Xiaocong’s nerves were also touched. He promptly stood up and cried, but in precisely the exact same time he clutched his stomach and wailed.


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