Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 21 Recap


Li Tiancheng was hurt, but his life wasn’t at risk. Zhou Yue tidyed up her physical appearance, took a deep breath, went upstairs and walked to the ward, then greeted Li Tiancheng about the mattress, and if she found him she tiptoed up into the bed.

Li Tiancheng was dripping his palms, Zhou Yue lightly coated him with a slender quilt, and greeted him but he still did not receive a reply. Li Tiancheng was hurt because he rescued Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue felt distressed and helpless. He blamed him desperately attempting to rescue himselfcausing the harm to lie on the hospital bed. Liang Kaili arrived to watch Tiancheng and educated Zhou Yue from the manner that Li Tiancheng is a romantic and casual guy, not acceptable for her type of self-sacrificing lady.

Huo Xiang convened a meeting at the seminar space, suggesting that Linshui Village did really have an epidemic of polio, but it wasn’t a new kind. The imitation Hank was adorable and returned into his pirate den, however, the authorities didn’t capture him. The escape of this imitation Hank made everybody really worried. The occurrence of an individual like him would just pose a danger to a lot of men and women. But after this episode, Huo Xiang was optimistic about her and thought that she had been capable of becoming the deputy captain of their medical team. Liang Kaili personally fed Li Tiancheng to supper at the ward, Qiao Yuqian kindly moved to watch himand if she watched Liang Kaili, she promptly turned left.

Except for Wang Xiaocong, everybody in the health care group began to work on microbes that were intensive from the village, which left Wang Xiaocong really miserable. Qiao Yuqian and Liang Kaili needed a quarrel. Liang Kaili understood she had been spoiled, and intentionally choked on her when she had been disappointing.

After listening to Liang Kaili’s words, Zhou Yue dropped into silence for a little while, due to Li Tiancheng’s forfeit, Zhou Yue eventually opened his heart for himand he became reluctant again. Zhou Yue received a telephone and was going to go to the assembly area for a meeting, but the assembly room was vacant. When Zhou Yue appeared in the date, she understood that now was her birthday. She had been transferred by everyone’s goals and thanked for her own escape. Though she felt in her heart, she said nothing but stated that everything was fine.

Qiao Yuqian was mad and abandoned, while Liang Kaili went straight back into the ward and whined to Li Tiancheng. When the medical staff returned from a journey, Ye Hong concerned about Wang Xiaocong and went to find him instantly. Liao Yu inquired if she’d gone to watch Li Tiancheng. Zhou Yue was very disappointed because Liang Kaili consistently cared for himand didn’t find him after he awakened.

Following Zhou Yue opened the doorway, Li Tiancheng hugged her into relaxation and relaxed Zhou Yue to a coma. Li Tiancheng did not observe the imitation Hank behind himand was hauled back by his throat. John along with his companions came at the ideal time, and also the imitation Hank instantly left Li Tiancheng to escape. Liao Yu roughly discussed the present situation of this Youhao Hospital, also stated that Huo Xiang had returned and had organized matters correctly. They also knew about the polio outbreak, also blamed Zhou Yue for concealing them.

The authorities questioned him required. In addition, he stated that he did not have any idea concerning the so-called underground departure room of this Friendly Hospital. His attorney Anfenni requested them to launch the police because the police didn’t find signs.

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