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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 14 Recap



Wang Xiaocong could not help refuting himshowing his prior speculation that stroke patients were refugees was incorrect. Since there are physicians like him Zal Island that are unwanted, backward, and gloomy, the sanitary and culture conditions here can not grow in any way. These words distressed Uncle Wen, who blushed and stated he was here to get gilding.

Traffic policeman John took the cake into the hospital and wanted to inquire Zhou Yue out right. Li Tiancheng reported that she had been really active, therefore John handed him the cake. Zhou Yue heard of this and wished to receive his business back from Li Tiancheng and telephone John to express his gratitude. He told Zhou Yue he wouldn’t allow Qiao Yuqian wash her clothing later on, and expected that Zhou Yue wouldn’t head out on a date with John.

After listening to her investigation, both Wang Xiaocong and Zhou Yue believed she had a fantastic head. Xin Lu felt ashamed and asked to remain in the hospital for a nurse for a couple of days. Zhou Yue was really pleased. After get work off, they saw that the sunset on the roof. Liao Yu honestly stated that he’d like her at high school, but later discovered that she had been too great, so that he dispelled the thought. Ye Hong switched into Li Tiancheng.

Qiao Yuqian had taken the initiative to scrub Li Tiancheng’s clothing, which demonstrates that the association between both is quite excellent. Liao Yu is considering the most recent medical Da Vinci robot, however, Li Tiancheng explained that the state authorities here can’t spend such a massive cost to purchase it for hospital use, and folks here won’t cover this machine for operation.
Liao Yu has another view .

He’s observed the outstanding performance of the Da Vinci robot at uterine fibroids operation. However, Liao Yu refused, stating that gentlemen don’t benefit from the others. Qiao Yuqian was worried to clarify that she had been stressed that Liao Yu would misunderstand her connection with Li Tiancheng.

After Wang Xiaocong discovered that Xinlu had chased her meaning, she whined to Wang Yuemei who Jiang Walong was annoyed, and Wang Yuemei sprinkled her rage about Wang Xiaocong, believing he cried herself and induced her failure to expire with her husband.

Li Tiancheng’s expression was serious, maybe not like he had been joking, Zhou Yue was quite bashful, and Wang Xiaocong’s viewing them created Zhou Yue feel embarrassed. When speaking about Taxiang, Zhou Yue was really concerned that doing so would interfere with local affairs, however after viewing Xie Hua’s photographs and listening to Li Tiancheng, she chose to carry on the investigation.

After some speculation, they felt that Uncle Wen was the very questionable. Xin Lu found that Wang Yuemei had lots of indications of being burnt by cigarette butts. Coupled with Wang Yuemei’s response, Xinlu understood that Jiang Hualong had mistreated her, but Wang Yuemei had some way to rely on Jiang Hualong for most of her lifetime. Liao Yu and Qiao Yuqian conducted the surgery on the Individual. Wang Xiaocong, that had been filled with worries, was absent-minded. Following the surgery, Liao Yu requested him to Search for Ye Hong.

Both quarreled from the ward, and Ye Hong and Shuhui held themand persuaded them individually, and both men disappeared. Following Zhou Yue did Wang Xiaocong’s ideological job, Xin Lu timidly told them in her view, Wang Yuemei wouldn’t commit suicide, and individuals who had been determined to commit suicide wouldn’t make much sound.

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