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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 13 Recap



Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng found the pagoda incense acquired through Qiao Xiangwan wasn’t exactly the same since the pagoda trademarks they’d acquired by themselves. Li Tiancheng requested Qiao Yuqian to help locate somebody who could perform the chemical investigation. Wang Yuemei, a pregnant girl who’d been in an auto crash, awakened.

Qiao Youzhi immediately attracted the excrement, and Huo Xiang chose to take it for review when possible. Li Tiancheng went to Uncle Wen for Taxiang’s evaluation file, and he believed that something was incorrect in the time. Following Zhou Yue’s identification and therapy, he taught the medical team to take some measures and depart. Li Tianzhi desired to speak for her, but he did not understand why Zhou Yue was somewhat reluctant to talk with him .

But even when they found many, they couldn’t prove that there were not any ghosts at the hospital, since Xiao Liu kept saying that there were ghosts, myristic ether and Ecstasy at the hospital, that wouldn’t leave him say so obviously. Qiao Yuqian chose Li Tiancheng house to eat with him. Li Tiancheng also desired Zhou Yue to eat themZhou Yue refused.

He did not anticipate he grew up overseas, but he understood Chinese medication so well. Li Tiancheng told me in such a challenging environment as in Africa, he would dabble in provided that it had been a means to rescue patients. Qiao Youzhi maintained holding Zhou Yue and did not let go. The nurse advised Liao Yu and Li Tiancheng concerning the episode.

Qiao Yuqian discovered from his conversation he appeared to be fascinating to himself, and she promptly expressed her rejection.

Wang Xiaocong did not feel too ashamed, he had been a man or woman who could manage it. An emergency individual between the ages of 50 and 60 had been in a coma on the road and was delivered into Youhao Hospital. Li Tiancheng understood about Chinese medicine and stated he could prescribe Danshen pills to this individual.

Wang Xiaocong was seeking a stroke patient, and Liao Yu was looking for this, but only now he heard that the stroke patient state he was going into the bathroom, and nobody had been spotted in a blink of an eye. Liao Yu believed that something had been wrong, and inquired if he’d completed identity enrollment. Wang Xiaocong reported he had only asked him to take action, but he dismissed it.

Afterwards, both heard that Zhou Yue had aided Qiao Qi’s spouse to cover the health care expenses beforehand. Qiao Qi believed that it was improper and spoke to Zhou Yue concerning the topic. Both of these were somewhat ashamed and humiliated to Zhou Yue, however, Zhou Yue believed they were questioning their particular amount of operation. Qiao Youzhi was really thankful to Zhou Yue, and Li Tiancheng requested him to take samples of their villagers’ excrement.

Li Tiancheng chose to visit the restaurant to have a meal together with members of their medical staff, and everybody was really amazed. Wang Xiaocong created a very simple but considerate wreath for Qiao Yuqian.

Qiao Yuqian had discovered this wasn’t a easy pagoda incense, therefore she requested Li Tiancheng why he’d utilize this pagoda incense for Zhou Yue. Li Tiancheng explained , and Zhou Yue occurred to listen to it in the doorway, and she promptly requested Li Tiancheng to explain what occurred that day.

Uncle Ge Wen stated that he largely ran off, so don’t expect him to return after such a man ran away, and even when he had been brought back for therapy, it could be a waste of health resources. Ge Wenshu clarified that the individual who conducted out behaved strangely. Individuals who dwelt in a calm country wouldn’t know how sad the folks here.

Nevertheless, Wang Xiaocong nevertheless believes that it is the bounden duty of health personnel to rescue individuals, whatever the individual’s character.
Qiao Yuqian took back the research file, along with the psychedelic impact came from peppermint. Excessive myristyl ether may cause hallucinations, or so the coma and crap of Xiaoliu are likely as a result of myristyl ether and bliss.

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