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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 12 Recap



She considered that Li Tiancheng and Zhou Yue had the sort of relationship, that created Zhou Yue feel quite inexplicable. Li Tiancheng expected that Qiao Xiangwan could halt the goddess out of taking medication to Xiaoliu. The folks in Linshui Village admire Qiao Xiangwan and are responsive to their own orders.

Zhou Yue hadn’t ever seen a new-born adorable pig, and could not help but laugh. Li Tiancheng explained that she seldom smiled. Both looked at one another, and the air suddenly became ambiguous and awkward. Old Qiao hurried to inquire to help convince his ailing wife to find a physician. Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng easily consented.

He wished to take samples into the Department of Health for review, however, Qiao Xiangwan reported he couldn’t help them accept samples.

Old Qiao’s spouse passed and was oblivious when she had been sent into the hospital. Zhou Yue saw her lower body had been bleeding and theorized that she had been blessed with twins, but they did not understand the time had passed too long, and the child has to have no fetal motion.

He came outside to find a person to assist. In time, he fulfilled Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng and begged them to get assistance. After sending the piglets, both were too exhausted to proceed to the haystack.

Huo Xiang wished to have a sample for review. Huo Xiang did not care about the standing. Liang Kaili felt incorrect, however, Qiao Xiangwan had decided to do so. Qiao Yuqian assisted Li Tiancheng wash the clothing. Zhou Yue’s clothing buttons dropped from Li Tiancheng’s trouser pockets.

Wang Xiaocong saw marijuana in their minds and Zhou Yue’s clothing buttons were broken, along with his eyes showed distress. Li Tiancheng understood what he was thinking, but he intentionally did not clarify it. Zhou Yue did not understand why. Because of this, he sang me Li Tiancheng, and Wang Xiaocong completely thought they were heading out to perform a”big company ”
Li Tiancheng maintained Ta Xiang and wished to consider the current affairs, but his attention had been drawn off by Zhou Yue’s buttons. Wang Xiaocong came into his area, stated a lot of inexplicable things , and inadvertently threw Taxiang as crap. Li Tiancheng hurriedly flipped throughout the garbage can.

They aided Old Joe’s spouse to get in the car. The Zal Island police officer knew that now was a market day and there could be a number of people on the street, so that they took the initiative to carry them to the hospital.

Old Qiao’s wife stated she did not wish to inspect anything. She believed the hospital was only for them to shell out money, but ultimately Qiao took it backagain. When Zhou Yue returned into the conference area, Li Tiancheng asked concerning the situation of Old Qiao’s wife. Zhou Yue honestly stated they were dead, and it was too hard to change their minds. He believed that Wang Xiaocong, that had a fantastic background, was useless to state these things.

Li Tiancheng successfully acquired the taxiang in the home of the goddess. Qiao Xiangwan confessed that it had been something which was investigated at the Liang Kaili Research Institute, and it was plant components, since they had been cooperating with the pharmaceutical business Coyate at Country K, along with another party required strict Harsh, they dare not to squander any leftovers in any way.

Qiao Yuqian requested Wang Xiaocong exactly what Zhou Yue enjoyed, Qiao Qi wished to get her a present and apologize. Wang Xiaocong explained that there are regulations from the group that Huo Xiang is going to be blamed for getting presents. Qiao Yuqian turned to inquire Liao Yu. In her view, the association between Liao Yu and Zhou Yue was quite excellent. Wang Xiaocong reported that although Liao Yu and Zhou Yue are all friends and acquaintances, they aren’t fans. Hearing this, the pleasure on Qiao Yuqian’s face is clear.

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