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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 1 Recap



A Chinese unfamiliar guide clinical group set off from Beijing to Marion Island. It required over ten hours in transit, and afterward after over three hours of scow boats, the Hao Tang at long last showed up at the objective of Zal Island. Zhou Yue, the vice president doctor of the Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the second clump of clinical guide colleagues, didn’t close his eyes on the plane. All things considered, he rested for three hours subsequent to boarding the bus boat on Zal Island. The uneven boat nearly made Zhou Yue nod off, and the male specialist Liao Yu alongside her got her.

Liao Yu is an individual from the second group of clinical guide colleagues, vice president specialist, and Zhou Yue are companions who grew up together since adolescence, yet there is no connection among them. The connection between the second clump of help clinical colleagues, the attendant Wang Xiaocong, and the second cluster of help clinical colleagues, the vice president nurture Ye Hong tattle Zhou Yue and Liao Yu, was pulled aside by Ye Hong.

Ye Hong didn’t hold back to see Zhou Yue, who was cold-confronted the entire day, believing that she loves to contend and is indifferent, despite the fact that Zhou Yue’s business capacity is solid. Sitting in the last line was additionally a specialist living abroad, named Li Tiancheng, dressed like an uncle, alone possessing the secondary lounge, dozing bombastically and wheezing, Zhou Yue thought he had no quality. Before long, the gathering showed up at Zal Island and took a gathering photograph at the Wharf of Zal Island.

Nonetheless, Huo Xiang, the commander of the second bunch of clinical group, called Xie Hua, the appointee chief of the primary clump, yet it was shown that nobody was associated. Xie Hua rushed over until a youthful age. He said that there was a gridlock out and about and Huo Xiang was an exacting individual. Making the most of this chance, he asked the group to by no means leave early or be late later on, else, he would be fined 10 kilometers for like clockwork late.

While in transit to Zal Island Companionship Medical clinic, Xie Hua acquainted Zal Island with them. Zal Island has a long coastline, and the vegetation on the island is crude and lavish. The Government Republic of Marion is an island country framed by numerous islands. Zal Island is a generally helpless island in this country. Notwithstanding destitution, the hole between the rich and the poor is still generally enormous, and medical care and schooling are moderately in reverse. Youhao Medical clinic is a public clinic, and its supports for the most part come from government financing and gifts from varying backgrounds.

The greatest pledge drive was the patriarch of the nearby Qiao family, named Qiao Xiangwan. 100 years prior, a gathering of Chinese workers from Fujian and Guangdong went toward the South Ocean to mine on Zal Island. Along these lines, numerous Chinese here today are relatives of that gathering of Chinese workers. Li Tiancheng drove the cruiser and surpassed the Youhao Clinic’s vehicle. Subsequently, it halted out and about because of a breakdown, and the Youyou Clinic’s vehicle was additionally compelled to stop.

During this period, the sky unexpectedly obscured, the ground shook, and a white mushroom-molded cloud detonated over Mount Nanuwei somewhere out there. They immediately escaped the vehicle and saw a spot not far away from the market. The house imploded and a great deal of yellow residue drifted. The air resembles hellfire. They quickly went into the salvage. Zhou Yue swathed a lady. The other party requested that where track down her later on. In the wake of hearing the name of the agreeable medical clinic, his face changed and his disposition changed, and he appeared to be exceptionally impervious to the amicable medical clinic.

Li Tiancheng called for help, Zhou Yue ran in and saw that it was a genuinely harmed pregnant lady. Li Tiancheng speculated that she may be herniated. Right now, Liao Yu was treating a seriously sick female patient. His neck was harmed yet he had no an ideal opportunity to deal with it. Working with Wang Xiaocong, he at long last settled the patient’s breathing and heartbeat. The circumstance of the pregnant lady isn’t hopeful. Zhou Yue should convey the infant. She needed Li Tiancheng to call Liao Yu, yet Li Tiancheng said that she was a specialist.

The two participated lastly conveyed the kid securely and effectively, however the youngster’s mom was genuinely harmed and couldn’t be protected eventually. After the calamity, everybody heard the call of the infant and really wanted to grin. Before long, the salvage group came. Xie Hua intended to get back to the Amicable Medical clinic to help. He said that the Amicable Emergency clinic had not paid wages for a quarter of a year. The chief surrendered and numerous individuals left the clinic.

Li Tiancheng said that he had insight in unfamiliar guide and needed to go along with them, Huo Xiang normally concurred. They went to the agreeable medical clinic and quickly occupied with serious salvage work. There were a ton of harmed individuals here. Their appearance without a doubt eased the pressing factor of deficiency of labor. Li Tianzhen came here to go to Thomas (Qiao Xiangwan’s) wedding, however he didn’t anticipate experiencing a quake. As companions, they had no an ideal opportunity to restore their bygone eras and quickly got occupied.

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