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After rebirth, relying on face to mix entertainment



After rebirth, relying on face to mix entertainment (Manga)
Other Name: 重生后靠脸混娱乐圈

Genres: manhua, romance
Authors: N/A
Chapter: ongoing
Year: 2021
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After rebirth to Lu Xiaoyuan, Lu Qingqing decided to enter the entertainment circle again and ruin the two in order to avenge her in her previous life. In order to quickly enter the entertainment circle as a student, she uses her own understanding of Han Mu in her previous life. , Ji Ji participated in Han Mu’s mv performance. However, the poor family background of the original owner left Lu Qingqing with a mess, and Lu Qingqing had to deal with some scumbags who had bullied the original owner while working hard in the entertainment industry.

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