A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 8 Recap


Nan Jianlong agreed to Cai Juying’s request and planned to find the relationship before retirement to see if there is a way to enter the gold medal class. It happened that Xia Huanhuan called her grandfather and said that she had to choose a few. Suddenly, both daughters found Nan Jianlong for selection.

In the end, Nan Jianlong found Deputy District Mayor Li through various methods. However, Deputy District Mayor Li and her husband used to be Nan Jianlong’s students. Back then, because Nan Jianlong was able to secure an additional quota for their husband and wife to enter the establishment, he had to make the Deputy District Chief Li face the choice of one of two, and he suffered from humanity. Tests and trade-offs. This incident became the knot of Deputy District Mayor Li, and finally had the opportunity to ask, but Nan Jianlong fell silent. Although he should pay for his actions, Deputy District Mayor Li still promised to give a few spots, provided that he wanted to see how he would choose between Xia Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou.


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