A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 7 Recap


Originally, Mi Tao’s mother didn’t know anything about the gold medal class. It was entirely because of her daughter’s interest in mathematics, so she had to earn tuition even if she was tired and tired. But Tian Yulan wanted Yan Ziyou to enter the gold medal class, so she wanted Mi Tao’s mother to give up the spot, but she was tactfully rejected, and declined her gift.

Because of Mi Taoma’s firm attitude, Tian Yulan had no other choice but to ask Cai Juying to seek Nan Jianlong’s help again. That night, Cai Juying revealed the situation of Yan Ziyou intentionally or unintentionally, which made Nan Jianlong take his heart. He was also his grandson, even though he was not related by blood. At the same time, Nan Li went to find an alternative to apply for the gold medal class again, but the result was disappointing. Tian Yulan was surprised when he saw Nan Li.


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