A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 6 Recap


Because of Zhong Yi’s public revenge, Cai Juying fights injustice for her grandson, so she goes to the training institution to find Zhong Yi to settle accounts.

It happened that Nan Li was also on the scene at this time, and even took the initiative to help Cai Juying speak, which is incredible. However, after Tian Yulan heard about the incident, she couldn’t help but accuse her mother of making trouble by herself, especially if she splashed around in front of Nan Li, which had completely embarrassed her.

Cai Juying didn’t understand why her daughter reacted so much, but Tian Yulan suffered too much in her heart, because she had to look at people’s faces since she was a child. Although Tian Yulan has never complained in front of others, she is facing a situation that is difficult for others to empathize. That’s why Yan Ziyou is forced to study hard and build a world with her own ability.


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