A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 5 Recap


Zhong Yi left Fengfan Elementary School, but he got mixed up and became the tutor of the gold medal class. Although Yan Ziyou achieved good results in the selection examination, but because he and another child were tied for eighth, the only valuable veto left was in Zhong Yi’s hands.

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Tian Yulan knew that she had offended him before, so she bit her head and apologized, and took out a red envelope to buy it. However, Zhong Yi kept his grudge, not only accused Tian Yulan in front of all the teachers, but even claimed that Yan Ziyou did not have the talent for mathematical thinking, and his ability would always stay at the upper-middle level, unable to reach the top. Because of this, Zhong Yi refused Yan Ziyou’s entry into the gold medal class on the grounds of his free choice.


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