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A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 4 Recap

Since the last incident of reporting the teacher, Tian Yulan worried that the child would be worn by the teacher in charge, and at the same time believed that Nan Li knew nothing about her and felt resentful towards her. It was another family gathering in a blink of an eye. Everyone was talking and laughing, but Tian Yulan stubbornly ridiculed Nan Li, pointed at each sentence, and even deliberately stated that Xia Huanhuan was the last one in the math test.

As soon as he said this, Xia Huanhuan felt embarrassed and ran away crying. Nan Jianlong saw that the two daughters were at odds with each other, and only felt that this kind of insecurities would never be a head. The family banquet was still unhappy. After Xia Junshan and his wife left with their children, Cai Juying taught Tian Yulan’s picky behavior in the kitchen, but Tian Yulan felt that her mother didn’t need to beg to perfection. At first, the mother and daughter took care of the stroke in bed Nan Jianlong, the so-called biological daughter never showed up.



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