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A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 3 Recap

Because of Tian Yulan’s complaint, Zhong Yi was expelled from the school and had to pack his things and leave. On the day of leaving, Tian Yulan wanted to apologize to Zhong Yi. However, Zhong Yi would say harshly, claiming that she was not as good as a child as a parent, only that she never paid attention to education. However, Tian Yulan didn’t feel that she was wrong, and could not help but counterattack, and the two of them completely tore their faces.

At this time, Zhang Xueer, the head teacher, drove to pick up Zhong Yi. Seeing the close relationship between the two, Tian Yulan whispered in her heart and went home to talk to her husband Yan Peng. As a result, Yan Ziyou immediately said that Zhang Xueer and Zhong Yi were lovers. They used to be together and even gave each other gifts.



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