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A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 2 Recap

As we all know, Yan Peng is a rich second-generation, unwilling to take over hundreds of millions of assets of the family business, just indulge in hobbies, and enjoy the life of contentment. The old couple no longer forced their son to have a lot of money, so they placed all their hopes on their grandson and gave a large sum of money to the small family every month. In addition to daily expenses, it was the renewal of tuition fees.

Although Tian Yulan refused repeatedly, Yan Peng had already accepted it happily and happily became a veritable nibbling old family. Besides, he was the only child in the family. There was not much difference between nibbling and not nibbling. From now on, it will be the property under his name. . It’s just that although the money is good, it is still somewhat unsatisfactory, especially in the face of parents always urging to have a second child, which really makes Yan Peng a headache.

Seeing the birth of her in-laws again, Tian Yulan immediately took out Yan Ziyou’s learning certificate to show her dedication in education. Because of this, the old couple was in a good mood and praised the excellent genes of the old Yan family. It was not until the sky deepened that they left with satisfaction. However, Yan’s mother still did not change Tian Yulan’s view. Apart from accusing her of always returning to her natal family, she even had a sorrow about Tian’s miserable deeds.

As a well-known domestic architect, Xia Junshan is often involved in various design fields. Therefore, after getting up every day to take care of her daughter to wash and eat, he goes to work in a hurry and goes to work with due diligence. Considering that she could leave work early during her tour of the shop today, Nan Li offered to attend the parent meeting. Xia Huanhuan was taken aback when she heard the words, her face turned from joy to worry.

In a blink of an eye, it was mid-April, and the mid-term exams were over, and Fengfan Primary School held a long-lost parent meeting. Nan Li and Tian Yulan met on a narrow road. The two met at the school gate. They did not say hello one after another, turning a blind eye like strangers. The teacher publicly praised the three classmates who had improved in grades. There was neither Xia Huanhuan nor Yan Ziyou. Tian Yulan was a little surprised, and went directly to the head teacher to ask about the situation.

Because the school does not allow public rankings, Tian Yulan infers one or two from the scores, and unexpectedly finds that Yan Ziyou’s academic performance has dropped below ninety points, ranking fourth in the class. As for Xia Huanhuan’s grades, it is even more jaw-dropping. It used to be stable above the middle level. As a result, this year’s final exam results are not even a passing grade, and he scored forty-five in the exam.

Nan Li’s requirements for her children are not very high. However, this time it is really unreasonable. Even Mi Tao, the daughter of Aunt Liu, a part-time worker, is among the best and won first place in the class. The parents squeezed in front of the math teacher, Nan Li couldn’t get in the team, and simply sat there in a daze. Unexpectedly, Tian Yulan rushed forward and insisted that there was a problem with the paper.

The situation in the class was like the national situation, the changes were so big that Nan Li couldn’t react, because Xia Huanhuan’s mathematics was not ideal, so she had to pay more attention to her daughter’s study problems. That night, the air was a little dull. Xia Junshan came back from get off work and saw Xia Huanhuan lying in front of her desk with rain. As a slave to his daughter, he felt very heartbroken. For whatever reason, he still patiently comforted his daughter and counted her advantages one by one.

Looking back at the situation in the Yan family, Yan Peng originally sent his son to his parents to spend a romantic wedding anniversary with his wife and enjoy the world of the two, and even bought a very beautiful pajamas. However, Tian Yulan was anxious about Yan Ziyou’s decline in grades, and was totally unmotivated. She insisted on going to his in-laws’ house to pick up Yan Ziyou and doing tuition while the iron was hot.

The Mitao family transferred to school a year ago. His father was an ordinary worker, and his mother worked part-time in Nanli and Tian Yulan’s homes. Although the family environment is inferior to others, and he lives in a simple and dilapidated civilian shed, Mi Tao worked hard and soon became the dark horse that stood out this year.

While the couple were deeply gratified, they did not forget to encourage their daughter to continue to work hard. In the future, whether she can live in a western-style building and take a car depends on her performance. The hope of the whole family rests on this young and kind girl. Mino was helping his parents to wash the dishes in the communal sink, and suddenly saw a cat running next to him. He couldn’t help but step forward to feed and pet him, enjoying a moment of leisure.

Xia Junshan helped her daughter with homework and analyzed the reasons for the poor exam by the way. Nan Li knew that he was excusing Xia Huanhuan, so she didn’t go deep into it, and went to work as usual the next day, and delivered the red envelope to the newly married female employee. It was a blessing and also to make her work at ease without worrying about her future life. The plight of the child.

Through various inquiries, Tian Yulan found that the math teacher Zhong Yi opened a cram school at home to tutor class students, and guessed that he deliberately leaked the questions to other classmates, which caused her son to fail to enter the top three. When Nan Li heard about this from Tian Yulan, she said something to Xia Junshan, hoping that he could come forward to negotiate with his junior fellow Zhong Yi.

Because Tian Yulan values education very much, she can’t tolerate this incident. She simply revealed Zhong Yi’s behavior to make up lessons in the parent group and incited everyone to jointly report to the school to discuss an argument. Although the parents are aggrieved, they are unwilling to get involved, worrying that a little carelessness will offend the teacher to put on the children’s shoes.

Nan Li took his subordinates to inspect the counters of the shopping malls. In order to make a marketing plan, he specifically changed the role of acting marketing director to official marketing director. As a result, he found that other brands of promotional floats were in front of the Wei Nuan booth. Nan Li asked the counter to clear the floats, but the other party was arrogant. Just as the two parties were at a stalemate, Tian Yulan, as the floor manager, took the initiative to mediate and asked Nan Li to come to the office to negotiate.



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