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A Love for Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 1 Recap

At the end of spring and early summer, the scenery of Jiangzhou City is pleasant, along with the pure and clean singing of children, passing through Fengfan Primary School and surrounding the spacious and bright performance hall. Parents raised their mobile phones to the stage in the auditorium. The little girl Xia Huanhuan won the championship of this competition, won the trophy of the chorus competition, and enjoyed the celebration of the family.

As parents, Xia Junshan and Nan Li shared the good news with their parents and sent them to record the video together. After the game, Nanma Zhao Na immediately ran to the market to buy a piece of salmon to treat her granddaughter, but Nan Jianlong called her daughter to go back to dinner.

Although every once in a while, Nan Jianlong always asks his two daughters to bring their small families to come to a banquet together to enjoy the family happiness. But every time Nan Li always showed bored emotions, or even extreme resistance, perhaps for other reasons, it was entirely because the family banquet she had in mind lost its original taste, and there appeared stepmother Cai Juying and stepmother daughter Tian Yulan who shouldn’t be there. , As for her mother, Zhao Na, I am afraid that she is still complaining about her husband’s “cheating” Mistress.

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Today, Tian Yulan is different from the past. Not only is she proud of the spring breeze, she even dresses up beautifully. She has a sense of pride from head to toe, and hates to show off her son Yan Ziyou. Fortunately, her husband Yan Peng is calm and steady. Although he and Tian Yulan have different concepts of fighting, they can’t bear the other’s master’s skills. The two of them show off their affection and often eat dog food.

Before leaving the house, Nan Li carefully won the trophy and gave her youngest son Xia Chaochao the gold bracelet bought by her father. Regardless of how she is usually a talented woman in life, a strong man in the workplace, and a winner in life in the eyes of her colleagues, Really falling mortal dust always has to be a little bit of smoke and fire, and everything is ready to compare with vanity.

Nan Jianlong is the retired dean and the patriarch who tries his best to have a flat bowl of water. But he always has times of worry, such as conflicts between his daughters and stepdaughters. Apart from waiting time to smooth out the edges and corners, he is afraid that there is nothing else. The way can be calmed down. Cai Juying and Nan Jianlong have been remarried for more than ten years. If you say that she has contributed more to the family in these years, she has always given more credit than she has done. She patiently took care of her husband, took care of the inside and out, and had to have a table at the family banquet. Good food, put your slippers in advance, and give warm greetings to the juniors. However, in Tian Yulan’s view, all of this was a hot face with a cold buttocks, and there was no need to be courteous to Nan Li.

The two families arrived at the old house one after another. Nan Jianguo was overjoyed, patronizing and greeting his little grandson and granddaughter. Tian Yulan saw her mother working as a spinning top in the kitchen, and when she saw Nan Liguang sitting and not helping, she was very depressed. It happened that Nan Li had never given a good face. Various performances revealed alienation, leaving the two sons-in-laws. Commonplace, and somewhat helpless.

A simple and polite response, after an embarrassing conversation, it was soon the parents’ home court. Tian Yulan deliberately praised his son in front of everyone how good he was and learned how to move forward. On the other hand, Nan Li’s daughter, except for her after-school hobbies, the results of the basic subject exams are all unknown.

Recently, due to changes in Nan Li’s work, she and Tian Yulan have become a relationship between A and B. In addition, the two communities belong to the unified school district. Xia Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou are classmates in Fengfan Primary School. The children are about to enter the beginning of the small rise, and it is inevitable that they are all suffocating the fire during this gathering.

Nan Jianguo wanted to dissolve the gunpowder and hurriedly took out the gifts prepared beforehand and distributed them one by one. Unexpectedly, Yan Ziyou received the same gifts as last time. In addition, Nan Jianguo was mainly to celebrate Xia Huanhuan’s winning the game, which really made Tian Yulan in the mood. Unhappy, I think this stepfather prefers to come home.

Xia Junshan did not want to spoil the interest of the topic of comparison, and said that there was no need to mention academic performance. Nan Jianguo took the opportunity to let Xia Huanhuan perform the competition piece to add to the fun. As a result, just after the song was sung, Tian Yulan actually asked Yan Ziyou to give Nan Jianguo the pi rate, which once again made the dining table atmosphere dull.

After finally ending this extremely unpleasant banquet, Cai Juying called Tian Yulan to the kitchen to help, while Nan Jianguo took Nan Li into the study. The father and daughter in the study were discussing for tonight’s family dinner. Nan Li couldn’t listen to the old father’s advice, and couldn’t help complaining that Tian Yulan deliberately made moths.

In the kitchen, Tian Yulan was fighting for her mother’s injustice, feeling that even if she was comprehensive, she still wouldn’t let Nan Li appreciate her. However, Cai Juying is kind-hearted and unwilling to engage in evil with others. As long as she can do everything well, she is willing to swallow the pains and sufferings to make everyone happy. After eating dessert, it is time to say goodbye and leave.

Yan Peng saw that his wife was in a very bad mood, and coaxed her to be happy along the way. He didn’t realize that his in-laws suddenly visited when he returned home. Yan Peng’s mother relied on the wealth of the family, and dismissed Tian Yulan from the ordinary background, and would often find all kinds of unhappiness for her. Although the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law didn’t know the quarrel, they were hiding needles and poisonous needles in Mianli, and it was up to whoever lost first.



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