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Room 306 Saga: Popular Room 306 Details Finally Released By A Facebook User - Is He Right? (Watch Video)

For some days now ROOM 306 is been causing mixed reactions across social media. The Room 306 is a special room in an unknown hotel. The room became popular because of the assumed immoral activity that was going on in the room. However, many people got interested in what the room looked like, where the room is located and where the hotel is situated.

To my surprise a Facebook user, after some investigation just disclosed that Room 306 is located in an hotel by name PRESKEN HOTEL located at Ikeja.

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The Facebook user said:

"Na Presken Hotel for Ikeja the Room 306 dey.

Check the Logo and for the first frame and the logo beside the "room" for the second fame."

Check the logos of the hotel and room below:

Do you see any similarity in the logos? Could the Facebook user be right?

If you missed the Video of a Father beating his daughter in the room watch it below 😂 😂 😂, please don't forget to watch the video with ear phone ooo. 

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Don't say i don't warn you!

Thanks for reading.

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