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"My Prophetess Ask Me To Behead Her And Get Her Head" - Man Confesses (See Photos)

Happening somewhere in Akwa Ibom state is the news of a man who beheaded a woman in her farm. This happened in Oku-Abak, a village in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The man was on his way to drop the woman's head before he was apprehended by the youth of the community. The body of the woman was discovered in her farm were the murderer left it. 

See the picture of the woman head in a sack below. 
The man was beaten and paraded stacked naked around the village before he was reported to the police. In the Police custody he confessed that he was sent on the mission by the Prophetess of his church. 

What will the Prophetess of the church be doing with human head? God save us. 

The Prophetess is yet to be arrested by the time am reporting this news. 

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