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4 Human Children Who Were Raised By Wild Animals: See The Nigerian Child Who Is In The List

Have you ever seen a movie where a child was raised by animals? I mean movies like Tarzan and the likes. You might think that all that happened in the movie were a fiction that it can't happen in real life.

Sorry to burst your bubble because all these happened in real life and children's who are raised by these animals are usually referred to as a feral child or wild Child.

A feral child (also called wild child) is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and so has had little or no experience of human care, behaviour or human language.Feral children lack the basic skills that are normally learned humans, for example, they may have trouble learning to walk upright after walking on fours all their lives or display a complete lack of interest in the human activity around them. They often seem mentally impaired and have almost insurmountable trouble learning a human language.

So as you've now known what a feral child means, i will be listing 3 human children who were ferals.

1. John Ssebunya - Ugandan Monkey Boy

John Ssebunya was born in the early 80s. He is a runaway boy who ran away from home at the age of three after witnessing the brutality of his father murdering his own mother. After John left home at an early age he went to live in an unknown forest inhabited by monkeys.

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He was discovered by a woman called Millie in 1991 who saw him playing with monkeys in the trees. On seeing this, Millie quickly ran to the nearest village as she called on some abled men to help take the boy away from the monkeys, which the villagers also helped, as they chased the monkeys is away well they help to rescued the boy in a very tough fight, as the monkeys were trying to protect the young boy while John also resisted capture.

After John was captured he was unable to work as he was always crawling the way Monkeys Do with scars all over his knees due to the crawling. He was initially unable to speak clearly, as he always makes noise like monkeys do but now, he has been helped on how to speak human language.

John can now talk, sings, and tours with the Pearl of Africa children’s choir. John was the subject of the BBC documentary Living Proof, screened on 13th of October 1999.

2. Dina Sanichar

Dina Wawa found among wolves the early age of six in 1867. He was discovered by some Hunters who went into the forest for hunting when they noticed that among the Wolves, there was one who looked like a human.

On seeing this, they followed him to where he lives and on the trail, they noticed that it was a human walking like a wolf on all his four limbs.

The hunters burnt the Wolves den and while the wolves were trying to escape, they were shot dead, while they rescued Dina. Dina reportedly exhibited all the habits of a wild animal, tearing off clothes and eating food from the ground. He became addicted to tobacco and died in 1895.

3. Daniel - The Andes Goat Boy

Daniel was found in the Andes, Peru, in 1990, and was said to have been raised by goats for 8 solid years.

He was said to behave like a goat as he walked on all his four limbs and also learnt to bleat as goats do. Daniel was said to have survived by eating grass and roots and also by drinking goat's milk.

4. Bello The Nigerian Chimp Boy

Bello was found in 1996, at the early age of 2.

He was said to have been abandoned by his parents at about 6 months old. Bello was was said to be a disabled child of the Fulani tribe, found in Falgore forest, 150 km south of Kano, as he was living among chimpanzees who were said to have raised him since he was 6 months old.

When he was rescued from the chimpanzees, he was said to have behaved like one as he was always working on his four limbs, while he couldn't stand up again because he has been walking like that since he was 6 months and his limbs have already gotten adapted to the style. After six years of living among humans, Bello still finds it hard to just walk like a human being and also behave like a human because his mentality has been formed into that of a chimpanzee. Sadly, Bello died in 2005.

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